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The Birth Of Jesus: Holy Child DVD MP4 Download USB Flash Drive

The Birth Of Jesus: Holy Child DVD MP4 Download USB Flash Drive
The Birth Of Jesus: Holy Child DVD MP4 Download USB Flash Drive
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The Birth Of Jesus, Also Known As The Nativity Of Jesus, Nativity Of Christ Or Birth Of Christ, Celebrated Annually In The Annual Festival Of Christmas, Also Known As The Feast of the Nativity, And The Mysteries Surrounding The Biblical Accounts Of Jesus' Birth In The Gospels Of Luke And Matthew, The Exact Location Of Jesus' Birth, The Exact Date Of His Birth And More, Hosted By The Eminent Tony Award Winning Actor Richard Kiley And The Eminent Golden Globe Award Winning Actress Jean Simmons, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #BirthOfJesus #Jesus #JesusChrist #Christmas #FeastOfTheNativity #Christianity #HistoryOfChristianity #RichardKiley #JeanSimmons #Religion #Religions #WorldReligions #History #WorldHistory #WesternCulture #WesternCivilization #WesternTradition #DVD #VideoDownload #USBFlashDrive

For nearly two thousand years, the birth story of Jesus Christ has inspired millions. Generation after generation has been moved by its miracles, its majesty and its simple humanity. But for many scholars, the Christmas story remains an unsolvable enigma. The accounts of Matthew And Luke agree that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, that his mother Mary was betrothed to a man named Joseph, that Joseph was descended from King David, and that Joseph was not his biological father but rather that his birth was caused by divine intervention. But can these accounts be corroborated in the historical record? For centuries, pilgrims have flocked to Bethlehem, to worship at the sacred spot where it is believed Jesus was born. Have they all been coming to the wrong place? Many contemporary scholars would argue that Nazareth would probably have been a more likely birthplace. It is not just the location that is open to question, but the time; is Christmas being celebrated in the wrong season? The date of December 25th is purely legendary, as we do not know that date of Jesus' birth. The essence and spirit of Christmas are immortal; it is just the details of the story that puzzle scholars to this day. Can we ever know when Jesus was born? How did ancient astrologers foretell the birth of Jesus? Who were the legendary Wise Men, and what was the star they saw in the east? These are but a few of the mysteries this documentary seeks out the answers to. (Color, 1993, 48 Minutes.)