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The Berlin Airlift aka The Berlin Blockade DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Berlin Airlift aka The Berlin Blockade DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Berlin Airlift aka The Berlin Blockade DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The June 24 1948 To May 12 1949 Blockade Of West Berlin In All Regions DVD Format!


THE EAGLE AND THE BEAR: THE BERLIN AIRLIFT (24 Min., Color and Black & White)
An excellent installment of the 1988-1989 A&E cable network TV series documenting in audio/visual format the history of the Russian blockade of West Berlin from road, rail and waterway access by the outside world generally and the Allied nations of America, Great Britain and France particularly, generously supplemented with interviews conducted forty years later with those who had first hand involvement with the crisis, and chronologically guiding the viewer through the events that brought the unprecedented airlift into being, sustained it and help garnered its success.

BERLIN AIRLFT (Black and White, 11 Minutes)
A 1949 British Government Public Information Film on how Great Britain did her part in great measure in helping to keep West Berlin free during the Russian blockade.

NEWSREELS (8 Min., Black & White)
Universal News Reel: Berlin Siege_ Gen_ Clay Returns To Report On Red Crisis, 1948-07-22 | Universal News Reel: Clay speaks on Berlin Airlift,1948-10-21 | Universal News Reel: Berlin Airlift increased, 1948-10-25 | Warner Newsreel 1949: Berlin Airlift Anniversary Celebration

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