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Albrecht Durer Woodcut Hi-Rez JPG Photo Set CD, Download, USB Drive

Albrecht Durer Woodcut Hi-Rez JPG Photo Set CD, Download, USB Drive
Albrecht Durer Woodcut Hi-Rez JPG Photo Set CD, Download, USB Drive
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269 *High Resolution* JPEG Images on 1 CD! Digitally Remastered 16 Million Color Images, Most 1200 x 1600 Pixels Large, Perfect for Viewing through Your Computer Monitor OR for Making *Print Shop Quality Copies* using Your Computer Printer! *Presented As An Archival Quality JPEG (JPG) Photo CD, Image Download Or USB Flash Drive! #AlbrechtDurer #Painters #Engravers #Printmakers #Mathemeticians #Theorists #Watercolors #Watercolours #LandscapeArtists #Humanism #GermanHumanists #Perspective #BodyProportions #IdealProportions #Art #ArtHistory #GermanRenaissance #NorthernRenaissance #Renaissance #JPG #JPEG #CD #PhotoCD #ImageDownload #USBFlashDrive


This collection spans the entire life of this great 16th Century German artist, containing ALL the noteworthy woodcuts by the man generally considered to be the greatest exemplar of the art of the woodcut:

50 woodcuts, including illustrations to 23 books:

Book 01 Bruder Claus: 01 Brother Claus in front of a hut, 02 2nd Work of Mercy - Reception of Pilgrim with Gerson., 03 4th Work of Mercy - Pity on man punished too severly, 04 6th Work of Mercy - Care for a Fellow Man's Burial, 05 7 Angels with Cross & 6 Keys Receive A Soul Into Heaven

Book 02 Die Geschichte Des Pfarrers Von Kalenberg: 01 Peasants roof the Church Choir while the Knave isn't, 02 Priest lying in meadow, raven croaks on a hollow stone, 03 Duchess in boat by where Priest washes his undergarments, 04 Priest takes his shoe to Goldsmith, 05 Priest has Sacks on wagon & oats are put into it, 06 Prince on horseback, 07 Priest in vestments drives out cattle & before him goes a handmaiden

Book 03 Horologium Devotionis: 01 Christ brought before Caiaphas, 02 The Baptism of Christ in the River Jordan

Book 04 Ein Allerhailsamste Warnung Vor Der Falschem Lieb Dieser Welt: 01 The Banquet or The joys of the world & the warning of death, 02 Hell or The eternal lamentation of the damned, 03 The Reward of the Chosen (the crowning of Mary surrounded by the Saints)

Book 05 Oratio Cassandre Venete: Oratio Cassandre Venete Title Page

Book 06 Wie Der Worffel Auff Ist Kumen: Wie Der Worffel Auff Ist Kumen Title Page above, Wie Der Worffel Auff Ist Kumen Title Page below

Book 07 Gerson: Gerson Title Page

Book 08 A Teacher With Four Scholars: A Teacher with Four Scholars

Book 09 St. Jerome In His Study St. Jerome In His Study

Book 10 The Comedies Of Terence: 01 The Comedies Of Terence, 02 Eunuch laments to his slave Parmeno he suffers from the whims of the Hetaera Thais, 03 Antiphon, who does't know Chereas exchanged parts with Eunuch, is astonished at friend's non-appearance at banquet, 04 Phaedria, deep in thought, goes past his country house, where he'll spend a few days, 05 Parmeno meets Laches, Phaedria's father, and tells him bad news, 06 Suno tells his slave Davus that the marriage of his son Pamphilus was only a sham, 07 Pamphilus tells Davus of his affair with Chreme's daughter, Charinus begs Pamphilus beg Chremes for Chreme's daugther's hand, 08 Clinil & Syrus, Clitipha's slave, discuss the marriage of Chimias & Clitipha, his master, 09 Chremes & Syrus discuss the love of his son Clythios for Bacchis, 10 Chremes reproves Clitypho his son for levity, 11 Demea tells Nucio his brother about the amours & drinking bouts of Aeschinus his son, 12 The slave Parmeno tells Pamphilus his master that Myrrhina has found her ring at the the courtesan Bacchis' house, 13 Antipho Anxious about his love affairs

Book 11 Book of the ''Ritter Von Turn'': 01 After a dream the knight leaves his garden & commands 2 scribes and 3 priests to compile this book, 02 The knight in meditation is joined by his two daughters, 03 Noble lady in waiting who fed her dogs well but let the poor hunger is licked by the dogs till she becomes coal black after death, 04 The Fall, 05 The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, 06 A knight of the Israelite army kills another knight that he found with a heathen paramour, 07 A rope maker sees a monk leaving his unfaithful wife's chamber, 08 King Jehu causes his wife to be beheaded on account of her infidelity, 09 Delilah cuts Samson's hair, 10 Five year old Prophet Daniel exposes the false witness of two priests that resulted in Susanna being stoned, 11 The Three Marys Visit Christ's Grave, 12 On his deathbed, Master Katho gives good instructions to his son, 13 Katho's son redeems an evil doer from execution.

Book 12 The Narrenschiff of Sebastian Brant: 01 Those who don't take good advice, 02 Arrogance becomes an ass, 03 The Teaching of Wisdom, 04 He who seeks postponement, 05 A Fool before & after, 06 He Who takes a wife for her fortune..., 07 Disregard of Misfortune, 07 Impatience when punished, 08 Forgetfulness of self, 09 Of Dancing, 10 Knight and Clerk, 11 On hoping for inheritance, 12 The Narrenschiff of Sebastian Brant End, 13 Ships of Fools

Book 13 De Conceptu Et Triplici Mariae Virginis Gloriosissimae Candore: 01 The Virgin Mary in the Sun, 02 The Annunciation

Book 14 In Laudem Gloriose Virginis Marie Multorumque Sanctorum Varii Generis Carmina Sebastiani Brant: 01 The Nativity, 02 The Mass of St. Gregory, 03 St. Sebastian, 04 St. Onuphrius

Book 15 Locher's Theologica Emphasis DialQgus Super Eminentid Quatuor Doctorum Ecclesie Gregorii St. Jerome

Book 16 Locher's Ad Lectorem Epigramma De Diva Katharina: St. Catherine

Book 17 Diurnale Secundum Chorum Ecclesie Basiliensis: 01 David praying, 02 Adoration of the Magi, 03 Meeting between the Living & the Dead

Book 18 Hortulus Animae: 01 St. Margaret, 02 St. Dorothy

Book 19 Hortulus animae by Nicolaus Lamparter: 01 St. Christopher, 02 St. Lawrence, 03 St. Martin, 04 St. Nicholas, 05 St. Mary Magdalene

Book 20 Varia Carmina von Sebastian Brant: The Poet Sebastian Brant Kneels Title Page

Book 21 Septem Hore Canonice Virginis Matris Mariae: The Virgin Mary Worshipped by Albrecht Bonstetten

Book 22 The Mirror of True Rhetoric: 01 The Mirror of True Rhetoric Publisher's Sign Title Page, 02 The Fall of Icarus

Book 23 Opus Speciale Missarum: 01 Canon Cut, 02 The Head of Christ

39 woodcuts, including illustrations to the Apocalypse (Revelations) of St. John, the Great Passion series & more:

Koberger's German Bible - The Apocalypse (Revelations) of St. John: 01 The Martyrdom of St. John the Evangelist, 02 St. John's Vision of Christ & the seven candlesticks, 03 St. John & The 24 Elders In Heaven, 04 The Four Riders of the Apocalypse, 05 The opening of the fifth & sixth Seals, the distribution of white garments among the martyrs & the fall of stars, 06 Four Angels stay the winds & sign the Chosen, 07 The seven Trumpets are given to the Angels & the results of the first four trumpet calls, 08 The Battle of the Angels, 09 St. John devours the book, 10 The Woman clothed with the Sun & the seven-headed dragon, 11 St. Michael fights the dragon, 12 The Sea Serpent & the Beast with the lamb's horns, 13 The Adoration of the Lamb & the Hymn of the Chosen, 14 The Whore of Babylon, 15 The Angel with the Key hurls the dragon into the abyss & another angel shows St. John the New Jerusalem

The Great Passion Series: 18 The Great Passion - Christ on Mount of Olives, 19 The Great Passion - The flagellation of Christ, 20 The Great Passion - Christ is brought before the people, 21 The Great Passion - Christ bears the Cross, 22 The Great Passion - The Crucifixion, 23 The Great Passion - The Lamentation for Christ, 24 The Great Passion - The Entombment

France: "Enlist, Re-enlist in the Troupes Metropolitaines", "Subscribe - It Will Overcome", "Revolution Nationale", "Work! Silence! Confidence!", "Silence The Enemy Seeks Your Confidence", "Invasion Cemetey of the Allies"

The Albertina Passion Series: 07 The Albertina Passion - The Crowning with Thorns, 08 The Albertina Passion - Flagellation, 09 The Albertina Passion - Christ bearing the Cross, 10 The Albertina Passion - Crucifixion

Plus More: 01 The Lamentation for the Dead Christ, 02 Crucifixion, 03 The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, 04 St. Christopher, 05 The Syphilitic, 06 Head for the purpose of the study of Phrenology, 11 The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousasnd Christians under King Sapor, 12 Hercules, 13 The Knight & The Landsknecht, 14 The Men's Bath, 15 The Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria, 16 Samson Killing The Lion, 17 The Holy Family with Three Hares

77 woodcuts, including illustrations to 12 books, religious images & more:

Book 01 Book - Revelationes Sancte Birgitte: 01 St Bridget divides her work amongst nuns & monks, 02 The five Holy Roman Imperial Escutcheons, 03 The Arms of Florian Waldauff, 04 St. Bridget as intercessor with praying married couple, 05a St. Bridget, 05b Peter of Almastra, 06a Magister Matias of Lincopenus, 06b St. Bridget, 07 Men & Women at prayer, 08 Knights & Soldiers, 09 Three bishops & two monks, 10 St. Bridget in her chamber handing her work to a bishop, 11 The Coronation of the Virgin, 12 St. Bridget and the Virgin interceding for the damned, 13 St. Bridget has vision of Magister Magnus ascending to Heaven while riding to her castle of Vadstena with retinue & multitude of people, 14 St. Bridget gives her works to the Emperor, Kings & Princes, 15 The Crucifixion.jpg

02 Book - Opera Hrosvitae Virginis et Monialis Germane Gente Saxonica Orte Nuper A Conrado Celte Inventa: 01 Conrad Celtes hands his edition of the Roswitha Comedies to Elector Frederick of Saxony, 02 Roswitha with niece Gerba the abbess of Gandersheim presents her works to Emperor Otto I

03 Book - Conradi Celtes ... Quator Libri Amorum: 01 Celtes presents his work to Emperor Maximilian, 02 Philosophy

04 Nuremberg Prayer Books ''The Sunday Gospels'' & ''Salus Animae'': 01 The Adoration of the Shepherds, 02 The Adoration of the Magi, 03 Christ with the doctores, 04 The Miracle of the Fishes, 05 The Parable of the Sower, 06 Christ heals man possessed by a devil, 07 The Feeding of the five thousand, 08 Christ shows the disciples the signs in the heavens, 09 The Resurrection of Christ, 10 The Stigmatisation of St. Francis, 11 St. Dorothea, 12 Mary as Queen of Heaven (in the sun), 13 St. James the Great, 14 St. Anthony, 15 St. John the Baptist, 16 St. Sebastian, 17 St. Anne, 18 St. Helen, 19 St. Catherine, 20 St. Veronica

05 Book - Lucia de Narnia, Spiritualium Personarum Feminei Sexus Facta Admiratione Digna: Three Nuns before the Crucifix

06 Book - St. Jerome: St. Jerome

07 Book - Celtes, De Felicitate: St. Sebald on the column

08 Bookplate for Pirckheimer: Bookplate for Pirckheimer

09 Book - Messahalah, De Scientia Motus Orbis: Astronomer Title page

10 Book - Prognosticon Joanni Stabii... Ad Annos MDIII-IV: Prognosticon Joanni Stabii... Ad Annos MDIII-I

11 Book - Der Besschlossen Gart Des Rosenkrantz Mariae: 01 Holofernes fights the Jews, 02 Judith taken to Holofernes's camp

12 Book - The Life of the Virgin: 01 The High Priest rejects the offering of Joachim, 02 The Angel brings to Joachim the message, 03 The Joachim and Anne Meeting at the Golden Gate, 04 The Birth of Mary, 05 Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, 06 Marriage of the Virgin, 07 The Annunciation, 08 The Visitation, 09 The Adoration of the Shepherds, 10 The Circumcision, 11 The Adoration of the Magi, 12 Christ's Presentation of in the Temple, 13 The Flight into Egypt, 14 Repose during the Flight into Egypt, 15 Christ with the Temple Doctors, 16 Christ takes leave of his Mother, 17 The Virgin worshipped by Angels & Sts. Joseph, John the Baptist, Anthony, Jerome, Paul & Catherine

Plus More: 01 Calvary, 02 The Holy Family & two angels in a portico, 03 Saint Christopher, 04 Saint Francis receives Stigmata, 05 St. John the Baptist & St, Onuphrius, 06 The Hermit Sts. Anthony & Paul, 07 Saint George, 08 The Ecstacy Saint Mary Magdalene, 09 The Madonna with Joseph & five angels, 10 Sts. Stephen, Sixtus & Lawrence, 11 The Three Bishop Sts. Nicholas, Ulrich & Erasmus

65 woodcuts, including illustrations to 5 books, religious images & more: 01 Book - Passio Domini Nostri Jesu per Fratrem Chelidonium Collecta cum Figuris Alberti Dureri - Nostri Pictoris:

02 Book - The Life of the Virgin: 01 The Virgin in Glory Title Page, 02 The Death of the Virgin, 03 The Coronation of the Virgin

03 Book - Passio Christi ab Alberto Durer Nurenbergense Effigiata cu Variis Carminibus Fratris Benedicti Chelidonii Musophili (The Great Passion Series): 01 The Man of Sorrows Title Page, 02 The Fall, 03 The Expulsion from Paradise, 04 The Annunciation, 05 The Nativity, 06 Christ leaves His Mother, 07 Christ enters Jerusalem, 08 Christ drives the Merchants from the Temple, 09 The Last Supper, 10 Christ washes Peter's feet, 11 Christ on the Mount of Olives, 12 Christ is taken Captive, 13 Christ is brought before Annas, 14 Christ is brought before Caiaphas, 15 The Mocking of Christ, 16 Christ is brought before Pilate, 17 Christ is brought before Herod, 18 The Flagellation, 19 Christ is crowned with thorns, 20 Christ is shown to the people, 21 Christ washes his hands, 22 Christ bears the Cross, 23 The Sudarium of St. Veronica, 24 Christ is nailed to the Cross, 25 Christ on the Cross, 26 Christ in Limbo, 27 Christ's Descent from the Cross, 28 The Lamentation for Christ, 29 The Entombment, 30 The Resurrection, 31 Christ appears to His Mother, 32 Christ appears to Mary Magdalene, 33 Christ & the disciples at Emmaus, 34 The incredulity of St. Thomas, 35 The Ascension, 36 The Descent of the Holy Spirit, 37 The Last Judgement

04 Book - Plutarch's De Vitanda Usura (Pirckheimer's translation): Plutarch's De Vitanda Usura Title Page

05 Book - Hystori des Lebens, Sterbens und Wunderwerck des Heyligen Peichtigers und Grossen Nothelffers Sant Sebaldus: Sant Sebaldus Title Page

Plus More: 01 Christ on Cross with the Virgin & St. John, 02 The Schoolmaster, 03 Death & The Landsknecht, 04 The Penitent, 05 The Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 06 Title Page to 2nd Latin Edition of Apocalypse - The Madonna appears to St. John, 07 Christ on the Mount of Olives, 08 The Head of St. John the Baptist is brought to Herod, 09 Cain Kills Abel, 10 The Adoration of the Magi, 11 The Mass of St. Gregory, 12 The Trinity (The Throne of Grace), 13 St. Christopher, 14 St. Jerome in his cell, 15 The Holy Family with Joachim & Anna,16 The Holy Family with Saints & Angels, 17 St. Jerome in the Cavern, 18 The Madonna in a Circle

16 woodcuts, including illustrations to 3 books, religious images, portraits, bookplates & more:

01 Geographic Works For Johann Stabius: 01 The Northern Hemisphere of the Celestial Globe, 02 The Southern Hemisphere of the Celestial Globe, 03 The Eastern Hemisphere of the Terrestial Globe

02 Poem - Der Eulen Seyndt Alle Vogel Neydig und Gram: An Owl Fights with Other Birds

03 Book (Unpublished) - Emperor Maximillian's Freydal: 01 The German Tournament (Das Anzogen-Rennen), 02 The Foreign Tournament (Das Welsche Turnier), 03 The Masquerade

Plus More: 01 The Austrian Saints (Quirinus, Maximilian, Florian, Severinus, Coloman, Leopold, Poppo & Otto), 02 St. Colomon as Pilgrim, 03 The Rhinoceros, 04 The Madonna with Carthusian Monks, 05 Christ on the Cross, 06 Book Plate of Hieronymous Ebner, 07 The Virgin Crowned by Two Angels, 08 St. Sebald in the Niche, 09 Portrait of the Emperor Maximilian

22 woodcuts, including illustrations to 3 of Dürer's own books, his own & others Coats of Arms & more:

01 Book - Durer's ''The Art of Measurement'': 01 Artist Draws on to Glass using a sightvane, 02 Artist draws a Lute, 03 Artist draws a can, 04 Artist draws a recumbent woman using foreshortening

02 Book - Durer's ''About Fortification'' 01 Coat of Arms of Ferdinand I, King of Hungary & Bohemia, 02 Siege of a Fortress - Block I, 03 Siege of a Fortress - Block II

03 Book - Durer's ''The Principles of Proportion'': 01 Portrait from The Principles of Proportion

Coats of Arms: 01 Coat of Arms of Roggendorff, 02 Coats of Arms of Lorenz Staiber, 03 Coat of Arms of Jacob Bannissis, 04 Coat of Arms of Johann Stabius, 05 Coat of Arms of Johann Tscherte, 06 Coat of Arms of Don Pedro Lasso, 07 Coat of Arms of the Empire & the City of Nuremberg, 09 Coat of Arms of Albrecht Durer

Plus More: 08 Portrait of Ulrich Varnbohler, 10 The Last Supper, 11 Christ on the Cross with Three Angels. 12 Ptolemy's Armillary Spere of 7 Circles and 12 Wind Gods, 13 The Madonna on a Grassy Bank

Albrecht Durer, painter, engraver, printmaker, mathematician and theorist of the German Renaissance (May 21, 1471 - April 6, 1528) was born in Nuremberg, Free Imperial City of Nuremberg, Holy Roman Empire (today's Germany). Durer established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties due to his high-quality woodcut prints. He was in communication with the major Italian artists of his time, including Raphael, Giovanni Bellini and Leonardo da Vinci, and from 1512 he was patronized by emperor Maximilian I. Durer is commemorated by both the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches. Durer's vast body of work includes engravings, his preferred technique in his later prints, altarpieces, portraits and self-portraits, watercolours and books. The woodcuts, such as the Apocalypse series (1498), are more Gothic than the rest of his work. His well-known engravings include the Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513), Saint Jerome in his Study (1514) and Melencolia I (1514), which has been the subject of extensive analysis and interpretation. His watercolours also mark him as one of the first European landscape artists, while his ambitious woodcuts revolutionized the potential of that medium. Durer's introduction of classical motifs into Northern art, through his knowledge of Italian artists and German humanists, has secured his reputation as one of the most important figures of the Northern Renaissance. This is reinforced by his theoretical treatises, which involve principles of mathematics, perspective, and ideal proportions.