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Strategic Air Command (1955) DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive

Strategic Air Command (1955) DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
Strategic Air Command (1955) DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
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When An Air Force Reserve Veteran Pilot Of A 20th Bomber Command B-29 Is Recalled To Service To Transform His Bombing Skills From Flying Combat Missions Over Japan Into Nuclear Bomber Aviation And Command During The Cold War, He Sacrifices His Personal Life, His Professional Baseball Career And His Dexterity - But Must He Also Sacrifice His Marriage? Beautiful VistaVision Color Footage Of High Aerial Adventure, B-36's, B-47's And Celebrity Icons Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Lovejoy, Harry Morgan And More In All Regions DVD Format!! (1955, 1:52)

Anthony Mann

Beirne Lay Jr. (Story And Screenplay) Valentine Davies (Screenplay),

James Stewart ... Lt. Col. Robert 'Dutch' Holland
June Allyson ... Sally Holland
Frank Lovejoy ... Gen. Ennis C. Hawkes
Barry Sullivan ... Lt. Col. Rocky Samford
Alex Nicol ... Ike Knowland
Bruce Bennett ... Gen. Espy
Jay C. Flippen ... Tom Doyle
James Millican ... Maj. Gen. 'Rusty' Castle
James Bell ... Rev. Dr. Thorne
Rosemary DeCamp ... Mrs. Thorne
Richard Shannon ... Flight Instructor Pilot
John McKee ... Capt. Symington
Harry Morgan ... Sgt. Bible (flight engineer) (as Henry Morgan)

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