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Stonewall Jackson Bios: American Civil War & Mexican War DVD MP4 USB

Stonewall Jackson Bios: American Civil War & Mexican War DVD MP4 USB
Stonewall Jackson Bios: American Civil War & Mexican War DVD MP4 USB
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Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (1824-1863), American Second Lieutenant Of The 1st U.S. Artillery Regiment, Brevetted To Major For His Actions In The Mexican-American War; Professor Of Natural And Experimental Philosophy And Instructor Of Artillery At The Virginia Military Institute (VMI); Confederate Army Brigadier General During The American Civil War Who Earned His Nom De Guerre At The First Battle Of Bull Run (Known In The South As The First Battle Of Manassas); Battlefield Commander Of The South's Earliest And Greatest Campaign Victories: Jackson's Valley Campaign, The Seven Days Battles, The Northern Virginia Campaign, The Maryland Campaign, The Battle Of Fredericksburg And The Battle Of Chancellorsville, The Latter Where He Was Shot To Death By A Confederate Lookout Who Mistoke Him In The Dark, Causing General In Chief Of The Armies Of The Confederate States Robert E. Lee To Message Him That Jackson "Lost His Left Arm But I My Right" As Testament To Lee's Dependence On Him As His Primary And Best Subordinate Battle Officer; As Seen Through The Lens Of Two Cable Age Documentaries: 1) CIVIL WAR GENERALS: STONEWALL JACKSON (Color, 1989, 23 Min.), An Edition Of The TLC Civil War TV Series; And 2) CIVIL WAR JOURNALS: STONEWALL JACKSON (Color, 1993, 49 Minutes), Hosted By Danny Glover - All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #StonewallJackson #ConfederateStatesOfAmerica #CSA #AmericanCivilWar #WarBetweenTheStates #EasternTheaterOfTheAmericanCivilWar #UnitedStatesArmy #USA #MexicanAmericanWar #BattleOfChapultepec #FirstBattleOfBullRun #FirstBattleOfManassas #JacksonsValleyCampaign #ShenandoahValley #NorthernVirginiaCampaign #SecondBattleOfBullRun #BattleOfSecondManassas #MarylandCampaign #BattleOfAntietam #BattleOfFredericksburg #TurningPointOfTheAmericanCivilWar #LostCause #LostCauseOfTheConfederacy #AmericanHistory #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

Stonewall Jackson, American Confederate Army general (January 21, 1824 - May 10, 1863) was born Thomas Jonathan Jackson in Clarksburg, Virginia . He was a West Point graduated who served in the Mexican War then resigned to teach at the Virginia Military Institute. He sided with the South and became a Brigadier General, earning his nickname at the first battle of Bull Run as his troops held firm while others wavered. "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall," a fellow general commented. He died from complications from wounds inflicted in a friendly fire incident at the Battle of Chancellorsville. "I have lost my right arm," lamented General Lee upon his death.