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Spiro Agnew: The Speeches That Stirred America CD, MP3 Download, USB

Spiro Agnew: The Speeches That Stirred America CD, MP3 Download, USB
Spiro Agnew: The Speeches That Stirred America CD, MP3 Download, USB
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The 1970 33 1/3 LP Record Album Featuring The Controversial And Provocative Public Addresses By The 39th Vice President Of The United States And Produced By Podium 72 Records As A Means Of Raising Public Support For A 1972 Nixon/Agnew Re-election Campaign In MP3 CD Format!


Side One: 1. Introduction / Oct. 19th to Oct. 30th, 1969 after Washington D.C. Moratorium -- on 'Effete Snobs', Student Unrest, Demonstrations etc. / Nov. 10th -- on the Role of the Media and the 'Silent Majority' | 2. Nov. 13th, Des Moines, -- on the TV Networks / Nov. 20th -- on TV and Newspaper Media. | 3. February and March, 1970, -- on Foreign Policy, Vietnam, Economy, Democrats. | 4. Comments on Youth, Hippies and Yippies, Draft Dodgers.

Side Two: 1. April 28th, 1970 -- on Campus Violence and Faculty Agitators (Kingman Brewster, Yale University) / May 8th -- 4 Days after Kent State. | 2. May 22nd, Houston, -- on News Media -- 'I am responsible for what I say' / May 29th, New York, -- on Golf; on the Economy. | 3. Autumn, 1970, -- on Crime, Violence, 'Radical Liberals', 'Silent Majority', School Bussing, Law and Order. | 4. Come-Latelles; Questionnaire on 'Elitism.'

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