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Sex Madness (1938) Sexploitation DVD, MP4 Download, USB Flash Drive

Sex Madness (1938) Sexploitation DVD, MP4 Download, USB Flash Drive
Sex Madness (1938) Sexploitation DVD, MP4 Download, USB Flash Drive
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Wild Parties, Sex Out-Of-Wedlock, Lesbianism, You Name It - Everything's Up For Grabs When The ''Casting Couch'' Calls A Chorus Girl Into The Sordid World Of Sex Madness! The Classic 1938 Sexploitation Film In All Regions DVD Format!


Millie wins a beauty contest, leaves her fiancé and small town behind and heads for the "Big Apple" to seek her fortune and fame. What she finds instead are the cold city streets, a job as a chorus girl and a dose of syphilus. A cure's to be had from a kindly city doctor, but will she keep up the treatments when she goes back home to wed? Filled with schmaltzy sentimentality, classic bad acting, and titillating sexual situations that were the hallmark of the Hays Code days of the '30's (B&W, 51:58).

Dwain Esper

Joseph Seiden, Vincent Valentini

Vivian McGill ... Millicent Hamilton
Rose Tapley ... Mrs. Hamilton
Al Rigali ... Mr. Hamilton
Mark Daniels ... Wendel Hope (as Stanley Barton)
Linda Lee Hill ... Sheila Wayne
Ruth Edell ... Mrs. Fay
Charles Olcott ... Paul Lorenz
Ed Redding ... Dr. Hampton
Pat Lawrence ... Tom Lorenz
Allen Tower ... Dr. Harris (as Allan Tower)
Richard Bengali ... Mr. Maynard
W. Blake ... Dr. Grenoble
Frank Howsen ... Dr. Bayard
Allan Lee ... Mr. Winthrop
Jean Temple ... Mrs. Winthrop
Albert Patterson ... James Winthrop
Miriam Bilavsky ... Jane
Natalie Donet ... Peggy (as Nathalie Donet)
Polly Bestor ... Betty (as Polly Bester)
Joseph Kramer ... Lon Mays
Harry Antrim ... Theatrical Manager

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