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Secret Files: History Of Washington, Israel & The Gulf DVD, MP4, USB

Secret Files: History Of Washington, Israel & The Gulf DVD, MP4, USB
Secret Files: History Of Washington, Israel & The Gulf DVD, MP4, USB
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"Our action in the Gulf is about fighting aggression and preserving the sovereignty of nations. It is about keeping... our solemn word of honor, and standing by old friends." With those words, President George Herbert Walker Bush led America into the Persian Gulf War, the most direct US involvement in the Middle East up to that date. Who were these "old friends", and how did we become allied with them? What exactly was our "solemn word"? Declassified Top Secret documents reveal the amazing and sometimes controversial history, a balancing act that successive presidents had to perform in the Middle East. In this documentary investigation is disclosed the commitment President Roosevelt made to the Saudi King in a secret shipboard meeting; President Truman's backing of Israel after emotional pleas from a former business partner; Truman's secret commitment of US military support to the Saudis; President Kennedy's secret dispatch in 1963 of American forces to Saudi Arabia to guard against Egyptian aggression. Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee presents as host and narrator many secret documents found in presidential archives that committed the United States to defend Saudi Arabia. America's better known involvement with Israel goes back to the 1930s and efforts to create a Jewish homeland. The US commitment was best described by President Kennedy speaking confidentially in 1962 to Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir, often repeated in private by succeeding presidents: Israel's relationship with US was special, second only to that of Great Britain, America's closest ally. In other words, there were formal secret commitments that the press and the public did not know, presidential commitments to both the Saudis and the Israelis, never approved by congress, never explained to the public. This incisive documentary focuses on the actions taken by four American presidents from 1945 to 1963 - actions which set the pattern that continues to this day.of maintaining close ties to the oil-supplying country of Saudi Arabia while remaining allied with the Arabs' sworn enemy, Israel. Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive (Color, 1991, 58 Minutes.) #PersianGulf #TheGulf #GulfWar #PersianGulfWar #AmericanHistory #USHIstory #HistoryOfTheUS #SaudiArabianHistory #HistoryOfSaudiArabia #IsraeliHistory #HistoryOfIsrael #SecretAgreements #Diplomacy #ForeignAffairs #FranklinDRoosevelt #HarrySTruman #DwightDEisenhower #JohnFKennedy #BenBradlee #DVD #VideoDownload #USBFlashDrive