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The Sandy Becker TV Kid Shows Collection DVD MP4 Download USB Drive

The Sandy Becker TV Kid Shows Collection DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
The Sandy Becker TV Kid Shows Collection DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
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The Largest And Rarest Collection Of Sandy Becker TV Shows Available Anywhere! The Most Versatile TV Kid Show Host Of The 1950s And 1960s Broadcasting Weekdays From WNEW TV Channel 5 New York City PLUS The (In)Famous Classic Metromedia TV Bloopers Reel! 89 Minutes Of Vintage Television And Outtakes, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #SandyBeckersFunhouse #SandysHour #GeebaGeeba #Hambone #TheBigProfessor #NortonNork #KLastima #DrGesundheit #MarvinMouse #Googie #SirCliveClyde #DannyMoran #MaxTheCatBurglar #TheLoonyTunesShow #BugsBunnyTheater #TheAdventuresOfRobinHood #Wonderama #WildrootCreamOil #KingLeonardoAndHisShortSubjects #GoGoGophers #TVKidShows #ChildrensTV #WABDTV #WNEWTV #NewYorkCity #NYC #ThatHappyFeeling #AfrikaanBeat #BertKaempfert #ClassicTV #ClassicTelevision #KeepCookingWithCrisco #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

* 4/24/2020: Updated With The (In)Famous Classic Metromedia TV Bloopers Reel!


It's hard to come up with superlatives that could exaggerate the wide-ranging talent of this remarkable man. A passing glance at any one of his shows during his 13 years at Metromedia Television would turn up any one of a number of crazy characters, such as the knucklehead Norton Nork, Max the Cat Burglar, the pompous Big Professor, the mad scientist Dr. Gesundheidt or the inexplicable word game playing drum majorette Hambone - to say nothing of the wacky voice personas sans costumes that he would take on at any given moment without warning. Beginning in 1955, ending in 1968 and filled in-between with vaious names such as "Looney Tunes Show", "The Sandy Becker Show", "Sandy Becker's Funhouse" (sound familiar?), "Sandy's Hour" and more, the shows which George aka Sandy Becker broadcast live to the New York metropolitan area had no rivals anywhere in the world. Though many kid show hosts around him and after him were mentored by Mr. Becker - the great Chuck McCann got his start as a fellow kid show host on the same station due to his influence - none could ever capture the unique originality of Sandy's shows nor his range of versatility. As a child I had the great fortune to watch Sandy Becker until he retired from television when I was seven years old. One doesn't know how much one misses some things until they're gone, sometimes until they're long gone, and surely Sandy is one of those things to me. As an adult, I can still spend time with my mother, my father, and others of my tender youth and enjoy the opportunity of thanking them for all they've done for me, but I sure do miss the time and regret my inability to say "thank you" to this wonderful man who did indeed play an important part in my childrearing. Even now, I doubt I'll ever lose the compulsion to occasionally scan the bottom left of my TV screen to see if Max the Cat Burglar had indeed broken out of jail again to make his get away to TV screen bottom right. Thanks for that, Sandy!


WABD TV 1957 Segment of "The Sandy Becker Show"; 7 Up Ad; Balls On The Moon; Big Professor - Arthur's Nose, Overdue Book and Different Goddam Question; Big Professor - Lip Read!; Big Professor and Audrey, Gilbert and First Erection, Big Professor Is Ponce De Leon; Big Professor and Big Fat Pole, Irish Fairy, Irish Bosco, Big Professor and Hot Tamale; Big Professor and Coney Island, Hambone Emissions, Fun By The Water; Big Professor and Goddam Bowling, Norton Nork and Scream Cream; Big Professor and Lug Nog; Big Professor and Who Farted, Silly Putty; Carrots and Manure, Sonny The Fox; Good Humor Time; Hambone and Cooperation, Breaking All Records, Big Professor and Bit Pinkus, Bactine; Talk The Way We Want, Segue Theme w John's Bargain Store Ad, Newscaster Spoof; Twinkie and Bread Box Bloopers; What Happened To Characters, Big Professor and Spastics (Black/White, 72 Minutes)

Metromedia TV Blooper segments: Gene Rayburn Wrestling Intro; Metropolitan Memo - Where The Hell Are The Lights; Hawaiian Punch Ad Blooper; Jungle Boy w/Babatunde Olatunji's Akiwowo sound bed; Wonder Bread Ad Blooper; The Golden Ages Blooper; Notorious Ad; Wicked Witch Of The West Isn't Unique Huh; You Bet Your Ass Ad; Schaeffer Ad - The Favor Doesn't Flade! Metromedia TV Blooper Sonny Fox segments: Bad Rocket Gun; Books Better Than People and Fritos Not; Dog Trick blooper; Elephant blooper; Failed Interspecial Dating and Polynesian Punch; Kangaroo Snow Balls; King Kong Ad; Right Face, Under The Table and Wonderama Talent Search! (Color/Black/White, 17 Minutes)