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Saddam Hussein: His Life, His Regime, His Iraq DVD, Download, USB

Saddam Hussein: His Life, His Regime, His Iraq DVD, Download, USB
Saddam Hussein: His Life, His Regime, His Iraq DVD, Download, USB
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Seven Documentaries About The Deposed And Disgraced Leader Of Iraq, Saddam Hussein - Five Hours Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In A Three Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! #SaddamHussein #DesertStorm #DesertShield #IraqiHistory #GulfWarI #PersianGulfWar #GulfWar #DVD

THE MIND OF HUSSEIN (Color, 1991, 58 Minutes)
A psychological profile of the man produced in the midst of the Gulf War as part of the venerable TV documentary series Frontline.

An analysis of the invasion of Kuwait and its aftermath from a political as well as military standpoint, also produced in the midst of the Gulf War.

INSIDE HUSSEIN'S STRONGHOLD (Color, 1991, 23 Minutes)
The life and culture of the Iraqi people under the thumb of Saddam Hussein as seen immediately after the Gulf War.

TURNING A BLIND EYE (Color, 1990, 23 Minutes)
An expose of the West's support of Saddam Hussein and its toleration of his human rights abuses in the years and months prior to the Gulf War.

IRAQ: ENEMIES OF THE STATE (Color, 1990, 38 Minutes)
A chronicle of human rights abuses perpetrated in Saddam Hussein's Iraq prior to his invasion of Kuwait.

AMERICAN INTERESTS: THE B-2 (Color, 1990, 28 Minutes)
An installment of the American political analysis TV series on how the emerged threat of Saddam Hussein immediately after his invasion of Kuwait was forcing the U.S. political and military establishment to reassess its defense expenditures on air power in order to deal with such emerging threats most successfully, and whether or not such a reassessment should support such weapons as the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

SADDAM'S KILLING FIELDS (Color, 1992, 58 Minutes)
A special episode of the venerable Frontline series: a desperate covert journey by Iraqi political journalist and Hussein critic Kanan Makiya and his award winning BBC partner Gwynne Roberts into Kurd-held sections of northern Iraq a year after Operation Desert Storm in order to obtain documents and physical evidence of alleged atrocities committed by Iraqi forces and officials upon the Kurds. The mission discovered an astounding and appalling amount of such proof, including a cache of video tape of the torture, murder and mass execution of an enormous number of Kurd prisoners, ledgers detailing in fine complexity information on a vast number of Kurdish people, lists of civilians in the employ of the Iraqi intelligence involved with acts of sabotage and community surveillance and more, all on a grand and frightening scale.