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The Good Old Time Radio Theme Song MP3 CD, Audio Download, USB Drive

The Good Old Time Radio Theme Song MP3 CD, Audio Download, USB Drive
The Good Old Time Radio Theme Song MP3 CD, Audio Download, USB Drive
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Academy Award Theater Theme

Adventures By Morse Theme

Adventures In Research Theme 1944

Adventures In Research Theme 1947



Alan Freed Farewell Show Closing

Alka-Seltzer Time Theme

Amos & Andy

Archie Andrews Theme 1948

Arthur Godfrey & His Talent Scouts Theme 1950

Author's Playhouse Theme 1943

Barry Craig Private Investigator Theme 1951

Benny Goodman's Camel Caravan 1939

Benny Goodman's Swing School

Big Jon and Sparky Theme

Big Town Theme 1948

Blackstone The Magic Detective Theme 1948

Blair Of The Mounties Theme

Boston Blackie Theme 1944

Box 13 Theme 1948

Broadway Is My Beat Theme 1949

Burns and Allen Theme 380110

Calling All Cars Themes 1939

Campbell Playhouse Theme 390505

Captain Midnight Theme #1

Captain Midnight Theme #2

Casey, Crime Photographer Theme 1947

Cavalcade of America Theme

CBS Radio Top of the Hour Tone 19390529

CBS Radio Workshop Theme 560525


Challenge of the Yukon Theme 1938

Chandu The Magician

Charlie Chan Theme

Cinnamon Bear Theme 1937

Cisco Kid Theme 1953

Cloak & Dagger Theme 500827

Columbia Workshop Theme 1939

Command Performance Theme 1942

Crime Club Theme 1947

Danger, Dr. Danfield Theme 1946

Dangerous Assignment Theme 49

Dick Tracy Theme 1947

Dr Christian Theme 1938

Dr Kildare Radio Theme 1950

Dragnet Radio Theme 490910

Duffy's Tavern Theme 460503

Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Theme 430418

Edwin C. Hill

Escape Theme 1947-10-29

Family Doctor Theme

Fibber McGee & Molly_Theme

Firefighters Theme

Fred Allen Theme 1943

Gangbusters Theme #1

Gangbusters Theme #2

Grand Central Station

Gunsmoke Radio

Hall Of Fantasy Theme 530126

Halls of Ivy Theme 50-03-10

Heartbeat Theater Theme 1959

Honest Harold Theme

Hop Harrigan

I Was A Communist For The FBI Theme

Information Please Theme 38-09-27

Inner Sanctum Theme 41-12-21

It Pays To Be Ignorant

Jack Armstrong

Jack Benny Theme 1936-04-26

Jean Shepherd Theme

Jeff Regan Theme 48-09-11

Jerry At Fair Oaks Theme

Jerry of the Circus Theme

Jimmy Durante Theme Song

Jubilee Theme 1945

Kraft Music Hall with Bing Crosby Theme 431216

Let's Pretend

Let George Do It Theme 50-03-27

Life of Riley Theme 19450121

Life With Luigi Theme 49-02-06

Lights Out!

Lum 'n' Abner

Mark Trail Theme 500403

Mark Trail

Mercury Theater On-The Air Closing (The War of the Worlds)

Mercury Theater On-The Air Opening (The War of the Worlds)

Mr. District Attorney

My Favorite Husband Theme 481009

Mystery Is My Hobby Theme

NBC University Theater of the Air Theme 48-10-31



Nero Wolfe Theme 1950

Nick Carter Master Detective Theme 19431018

Night Beat Theme 1950

Our Miss Brooks Theme 48-11-21

Ozzie & Harriet Theme 46

Pat Novak for Hire Theme 490320

Perry Mason Radio Theme

Radio City Playhouse Theme 480925

Radio First Termer Opening Theme

Red Skelton Radio Theme 46-02-26

Richard Diamond Theme 490723

Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party

Rocky Jordan Theme 490403

Romance of the Ranchos Theme 41-12-03

Sam Spade Theme 47-11-09

Screen Guild Theater Theme 390402

Sealtest Variety Theater Theme 48-12-23

Sgt. Preston aka Challenge of the Yukon

Shadow Closing Theme

Silent Men Theme 52-02-03

Speed Gibson Theme 370327

Superman 1940 Theme

Superman Radio

Suspense Theme 421110

Suspicion Theme 1935


Terry and the Pirates

Texas Rangers Theme 50-12-03

The Adventures Of Frank Race Theme 510828

The Air Adventures Of Jimmie Allen Theme

The Alan Young Show Theme 1947

The Aldrich Family

The Bill Stern Sports Newsreel

The Black Museum Theme

The Falcon Theme 501022

The Great Gildersleeve Theme 411116

The Greatest Story Ever Told Theme

The Green Hornet Radio

The Hardy Family

The Lone Ranger Theme #1

The Lone Ranger Theme #2

The Lone Ranger Theme #3

The Marlin Hurt and Beulah Show

The Milton Berle Show Radio Theme 471028

The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show Theme 490102

The Saint Radio Theme 490918

The Shadow Opening Theme #1

The Shadow Opening Theme #2

The Third Man Radio Theme 510914

The Whistler

The Witch's Tale

This Is Your FBI Theme 45-06-15

Tom Corbett Space Cadet

True Detective Mysteries

Turn Your Radio On

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen Theme 1947-09-18

Wild Bill Hickok Theme 51-08-12

World News Today Opening

X Minus One

You Bet Your Life Radio Theme 49.11.09

Your Hit Parade

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Theme 540323

Theme Music is a musical composition that is often written specifically for radio programming, television shows, video games, or films and is usually played during the title sequence, opening credits, closing credits, and in some instances at some point during the program. The phrase Theme Song or Signature Tune may also be used to refer to a Signature Song that has become especially associated with a particular performer or dignitary, often used as they make an entrance. The purpose of a theme song is often similar to that of a leitmotif. Such songs can also be used in other ways. One author has made extensive use of them in an effort to explore the feelings behind worldview.