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Peace In Our Time? Munich Agreement TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB

Peace In Our Time? Munich Agreement TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB
Peace In Our Time? Munich Agreement TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB
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Nicol Williamson Narrates, Eric Clapton Performs His Own Score And A Team Of Historical, Academic And Comical Characters Star In This Unique Two-Episode Psychodramatic Documentary TV Series Journey Through The High Political Farce That Was The Munich Agreement. With Remembrances By Those Involved With The Participants And These Events: Lord Home, Lord Norwich and Hugo Jakusch; Analysis By Heavyweight Historians: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Larry W. Fuchser, Telford Taylor, Ulrich Ziegeltrum, Albert Schulte And John Charmley; And A Cast Of Historical Characters Renamed For The Parts They Actually Played In History: British Movietone And Others As The Cameras; Mussolini As The Fixer; Daladier As The Bull With Snail's Horns; Hitler As The Godfather; Goering As The Hunter; Runciman As The Missionary; Henlein As The Gymnastics Instructor; Lindbergh As The High-Flyer; Kennedy As The Businessman; The Black Cat Of Downing Street As Himself; Halifax As The Office Boy; Ribbentrop As The Escort; The Crowd As Themselves; Chamberlain As The Dealer; John Cleese And Peter Cook As The Professional Comedians Lampooning Chamberlain And The Newsreels; Duff Cooper As He Who Could Not Swallow It; and Benes And Eden As Those Who Watched And Resigned -- Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! (1988, Color, 2 Episodes Of 46 Minutes Each.) #MunichAgreement #PeaceInOurTime #Czechoslovakia #Sudetenland #NaziGermany #AdolfHitler #NevilleChamberlain #JosephPKennedy #JohnCleese #PeterCook #EricClapton #NicolWilliamson #BenitoMussolini #EdouardDaladier #DorisKearnsGoodwin #WorldWarII #WWII #DVD

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