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Pat Paulsen For President 1968 Comedy Album MP3 Set CD, Download, USB

Pat Paulsen For President 1968 Comedy Album MP3 Set CD, Download, USB
Pat Paulsen For President 1968 Comedy Album MP3 Set CD, Download, USB
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Smothers Brothers Show Alumnus Pat Paulsen Expands Upon On His TV Show Satire Of Running For President Of The United States Into This 1968 Comedy Album LP, Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #PatPaulsenForPresident #PatPaulsen #ComedyAlbums #PoliticalSatire #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


01 - Meet the Candidate

02 - Two Cows

03 - Soldier's Lament

04 - Freedom to Censor

05 - I Will Not Run

06 - I Will Not Serve

07 - The Critics Attack

08 - Counter-Attack

09 - Slip of the Tongue

10 - Formal Announcement

11 - In Your Gourd, You Know He's Good

12 - The Bandwagon

13 - Humble Beginning

14 - The Age of Reason

15 - Ruthless Denial

16 - Big Shot

17 - Victory Rally

18 - Meet the Prez

19 - Questions and Evasions

20 - Messing Around

21 - The Simple Savior

Patrick Layton Paulsen (July 6, 1927 - April 25, 1997) was an American comedian and satirist notable for his roles on several of the Smothers Brothers television shows, and for his satirical campaigns for President of the United States between 1968 and 1996, although his campaigns generated some protest votes for him. The Smothers Brothers approached Paulsen with the idea of running for president in 1968. His campaign in 1968 and succeeding years was grounded in comedy, although not without serious commentary. He ran the supposed campaigns using obvious lies, double talk, and tongue-in-cheek attacks on the major candidates, and he responded to all criticism with his catchphrase "Picky, picky, picky." His campaign slogans included, "Just a common, ordinary, simple savior of America's destiny," "We've upped our standards, now up yours," and, "United we sit." He gave essentially the same answer to every question on social issues: "To get to the meat of the matter, I will come right to the point, and take note of the fact that the heart of the issue in the final analysis escapes me." And in announcing his candidacy on the Smothers Brothers show, Paulsen said, "Now I ask you: Will I solve our economic problems? Will I ease the causes of racial tension? Will I bring a peaceful end to Vietnam? Sure, why not?" Paulsen's name appeared on the ballot in New Hampshire for the Democratic primary several times. In 1996, he received 921 votes (one percent) to finish second to President Bill Clinton (76,754 votes); this was ahead of real politicians such as Buffalo mayor James D. Griffin. In 1992, he came in second to George Bush in the North Dakota Republican primary. In the 1992 Republican Party primaries, he received 10,984 votes total.