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An Open Mind Special March 4, 1933 FDR Inauguration DVD, Download, USB

An Open Mind Special March 4, 1933 FDR Inauguration DVD, Download, USB
An Open Mind Special March 4, 1933 FDR Inauguration DVD, Download, USB
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A marvelous panel discussion hosted by The Open Mind's Richard Heffner held on the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's first term as president, with a uniquely qualified panel of special guests who were at the inauguration to discuss the matter: Henry Wallace, FDR's Vice President and Secretary of Commerce; James Roosevelt, FDR's eldest son and special aide; Thomas Corcoran, aka "Tommy the Cork", FDR's special advisor and key policy maker for much of the New Deal; James Farley, DNC Chairman and political genius who guided Roosevelt into running for the presidency, and who afterwards became Chairman of the Coca Cola Company; and Ernest Lindley, journalist for The New York Herald Tribune who covered FDR's campaigns for New York state governor and United States president, who wrote the first biography of FDR, helped draft many of his speeches, and later became Washington editor for Newsweek magazine. The discussion's particular objective: to communicate to an audience not allive at the time of FDR's first presidential term just how dire the situation for the country was in political, economic and social terms, and how this crucial moment in history laid the foundation not just for the redress of these issues, but for the modern federal government that was his administration's legacy (Black and White, 1963, 1:25)

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