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Nuclear War Films #9 Operations Plumbbob & Hardtack DVD, Download, USB

Nuclear War Films #9 Operations Plumbbob & Hardtack DVD, Download, USB
Nuclear War Films #9 Operations Plumbbob & Hardtack DVD, Download, USB
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Declassified U. S. Government Films Detailing How America Planned To Win A Nuclear War!

*4/7/15: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Upgraded From A Single Standard Format DVD To A High Quality Dual Layer Format 2 DVD Set!

Military Effects Quantified, Ballistic Missile Systems Evaluated And Designs Rush-Tested Before The 1958-1961 Nuclear Test Moratorium


Armed Forces Special Weapons Project Presents - Operation Plumbbob - Military Effects Studies (1957, Color, 32:18)
A controversial series of tests, further documented in Nuclear War Films Vol. VIII, involving 43 military effects tests to determine the effectiveness of variousf nuclear device configurations in terms of blast against buildings, the biological effects of radiation and more. These tests resulted in fallout responsible for as many as to 38,000 cases of throid cancer due to I-131 exposure. The air drop capabilities of helicopters and blimps are examples of the unconventional nature of these tests, all covered by this film with especial emphasis to quantification of the effects produced by each test.

Operation Hardtack - Military Effects Studies - Parts 1-4 (1958, Color)
When it became apparent that the US and USSR were about to agree to a nuclear test moratorium, the Department of Defense decided to conduct the largest nuclear test series yet, featuring as many new devices as could be rushed into production. Especial interest was given to ballistic missiles, both intercontinental and submarine-launched, and both high altitide and underwater detonations. Due to the complex nature of the tests, a set of 4 films was produced: Part One - Basic Effects, Structures & Materiel (26:27), Part Two - High Altitude Tests (24:58), Part Three - Underwater Tests (18:11) and Part Four - Sub-Kiloton Effects (Silent, 23:06).

NOTE: Due to the classified nature of some of their subject matter, the U.S. Department of Defense has in small sections silenced the audio tracks or still-framed the video tracks of some of these films. These portions are not a product defect, are short in duration, and do not detract from a satisfying viewing experience.

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