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Nuclear War Films #7 Upshot/Knothole Teapot Atomic Cannon DVD MP4 USB

Nuclear War Films #7 Upshot/Knothole Teapot Atomic Cannon DVD MP4 USB
Nuclear War Films #7 Upshot/Knothole Teapot Atomic Cannon DVD MP4 USB
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Declassified U. S. Government Films Detailing How America Planned To Win A Nuclear War!

Bomb Damage Assesments Evaluated, Nuclear Artillery Deployed & New Bomb Designs Perfected


Operation Upshot-Knothole (1953, Color, 35:32)
In the largest series of nuclear tests yet conducted, eleven devices were detonated on the Nevada Proving Grounds in order to more clearly determine the many effects of nuclear explosions upon a variety of military and civilan structures and assets.

Operation Upshot-Knothole Project (1953, B&W, 20:50)
A more detailed analysis made upon a large number of project film shorts demonstrating the individualized effects of nuclear detonations upon military ground facilities, forest trees, F-47 aircraft, various civilian home configurations and more.

Effects On B-50 Aircraft (1953, B&W, Silent, 18:23)
The specific effects of a nuclear detonation upon B-50 bomber aircraft flying at altitude at various distances from a group of 4 consecutive explosions are documented in film before, during and after flight.

The 280MM Atomic Gun At The Nevada Proving Ground (1953, Color, 10:26)
The infamous "Atomic Cannon" is tested at the Nevada Proving Grounds prior to its being deployed throughout Western Europe.

Operation Teapot - Military Effects Studies (1953, B&W, 30:46)
A series of 14 detonations incorporating a variety of new and experimental atomic designs conducted with an eye to standardizing atomic design models into more efficient and universally employable devices.

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