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Nuclear War Films #5 Buster-Jangle & Tumbler-Snapper DVD Download USB

Nuclear War Films #5 Buster-Jangle & Tumbler-Snapper DVD Download USB
Nuclear War Films #5 Buster-Jangle & Tumbler-Snapper DVD Download USB
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Declassified U. S. Government Films Detailing How America Planned To Win A Nuclear War!

*4/7/15: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Upgraded From A Single Standard Format DVD To A High Quality Dual Layer Format 2 DVD Set!

Live Troops Sent Into The Fray, New Bomb Designs Perfected, Bombing Techniques Tested & Tactical Nuclear Weapons Developed


Department Of Defense Presents - Military Participation On Buster Jangle (1951, Color, 1:15:55)
With the Korean war raging, the Defense Department was keen to get operational a lighter weight and lower yield tactical nuclear device, and to perfect bombing techniques so as to maximum destructive potential against surface targets. This latter objective is to be compared with the fact that these tests were the first to include live troops who were sent into the vicinity of an atomic blast shortly after detonation. The DoD trumpeted the interservice cooperation that made the Buster/Jangle series of tests possible with the production of this film.

Military Participation On Tumbler/Snapper (1952, Color, 47:14)
The DoD was keen to continue in its research on the topics which lead to the Buster/Jangle series of tests. Operation Tumber/Snapper was the result some four months later, and this time, even more troops were used as part of the exercise. This film especially cites the involvement of interservice cooperative teams in the course of these larger nuclear tests, just as the Buster/Jangle film prior to this on this disc.

The Armed Forces Special Weapons Project Presents:Technical Report - Tumbler-Snapper (1952, B&W, 10:57)
A formerly highly classifed film intended to illustrate the more technical aspects and results of these tests to the high brass of the various branches of the armed services.

NOTE: Due to the classified nature of some of their subject matter, the U.S. Department of Defense has in small sections silenced the audio tracks or still-framed the video tracks of some of these films. These portions are not a product defect, are short in duration, and do not detract from a satisfying viewing experience.

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