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Nuclear War Films #13 Atomic Weapons Aftermath DVD, MP4, USB Drive

Nuclear War Films #13 Atomic Weapons Aftermath DVD, MP4, USB Drive
Nuclear War Films #13 Atomic Weapons Aftermath DVD, MP4, USB Drive
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Declassified U. S. Government Films Detailing How America Planned To Win A Nuclear War!



Developing and Producing The B-61 (Color, Sound, 26:02)
This bomb has become the mainstay of U.S. thermonuclear arsenal. Developed in order to create a lightweight, versatile weapon delivery system that could be carried aloft by a wide variety of aircraft to perform a number of different detonation tasks, it has become the nuclear gravity bomb standard. During the years since its original design in 1963, it has changed little from its basic design, and then only to modify it for specialized tasks that the perfection of its design basis makes ample allowance for.

Atomic Weapons Tests - Trinity Through Buster-Jangle (Color, Sound, 22:42)
The history of Atomic tests from the Manhattan Project to the 1951 Buster-Jangle test series in the Nevade Proving Grounds is here told in detail, with reference to quality color footage, easy-to-follow animation illustrations and a good general description of both the various test operation goals and the logistics behind them.

Damage And Destruction Films (Color, Silent, 17:17)
A collage of the most graphic, poignant and important 1950s era nuclear test films detailing the damage wrought by nuclear explosions.

Let's Face It (Color, Sound, 14:03)
Excellent overview of Civil Defense measures that 1950s war planners thought important, and more importantly, not important, to implement during a nuclear attack. A priceless time capsule.

Enewetak Cleanup (Color, Sound, 12:47)
The Enewetak (also known as Eniwetok) atoll in the Marshall Islands U.S. Pacific Nuclear proving grounds, having been blasted over & over from 1948 to 1962, became in 1977 the subject of a massive project, involving many service branches, when the natives who were evacuated (sometimes forcibly) from the island began slowly to return to the island to live. This film documents the history of that project.

162 15' East, 11 30' North: Navy Participation In Atomic Tests (13:12)
A late 1950s propganda film intended to show Navy men engaged in Pacific Proving Grounds work what they could expect from involvement in nuclear test operations, with reference to films of prior nuclear tests at the proving grounds and a narrative that intends to explain the lessons learned from them.

Military Effects Studies On Operation Castle (39:00)
A 1954 film which demonstrates what to expect from a nuclear attack on the continental U.S. based on the effects studies performed during and after the Operation Castle test series at the Pacific Proving Grounds.

Effects Of Nuclear Weapons Part IV- The Water Burst (32:45)
A lecture upon the full range of effects from detonations approximate to water utilizing intercut test film footage and easy-to-follow animated diagrams.

Operation Castle Washdown Countermeasures (15:16)
One of the objectives of the Castle series of tests was to determine how effective hosing-down the exteriors of ships subjected to nuclear detonations would be in removing radioactivity. The results were basically twofold - it could be effective in removing radiation from ships, but not in removing the lethality of this radiation to sailors onboard.

Atomic Guided Missiles (11:22)
An excellent overview of the six primary guided missile delivery systems for nuclear weapons extant in the late 1950s: the Honest John, Corporal, Regulus, Matador, Snark and Rascal.

NOTE: Due to the classified nature of some of their subject matter, the U.S. Department of Defense has in small sections silenced the audio tracks or still-framed the video tracks of some of these films. These portions are not a product defect, are short in duration, and do not detract from a satisfying viewing experience.

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