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Nefertari For Whom The Sun Shines Queen's Tomb Restoration DVD MP4 USB

Nefertari For Whom The Sun Shines Queen's Tomb Restoration DVD MP4 USB
Nefertari For Whom The Sun Shines Queen's Tomb Restoration DVD MP4 USB
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The Lavish Tomb Of Queen Nefertari, Great Royal Wife Of The Great Ramses II, Is Painstaking Restored In This 1989 Documentary That Records The Rescue Of One Of Ancient Egypt's Greatest Art Treasures, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #Nefertari #NefertariForWhomTheSunShines #ForWhomTheSunShines #NefertariMeritmut #QueenNefertari #TombOfNefertari #QV66 #DeirElMedina #DayrAlMadinah #ValleyOfTheQueens #Chronicle #ChronicleTVSeries #RamessesII #RamessesTheGreat #EgyptianQueens #QueensOfEgypt #RoyalTombs #EgyptianRoyalTombs #ArtRestoration #EgyptianArtRestoration #TombRestoration #EgyptianTombRestoration #EgyptianArt #EgyptianReligion #ErnestoSchiaparelli #Egyptology #Archeology #Archaeology #DeirElMedina #Egypt #EgyptianHistory #HistoryOfEgypt #AncientEgypt #AncientEgyptianHistory #HistoryOfAncientEgypt #History #AncientHistory #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD

This excellent installment of the venerable BBC TV documentary series Chronicle gives a comprehensive account of the painstaking and exquisite 1989 restoration of the royal tomb of Ramesses II's favorite wife, Nefertari Merytmut, a queen of many titles (Great of Praises, Sweet of Love, Lady of Grace, Great King’s Wife and more), but whose title She For Whom The Sun Shines was the Pharaoh's favorite. Ramesses made sure the world would remember her as such by building her a temple to stand beside his own at Abu Simbel, and by making her tomb in the Valley of the Queens an extraordinarily beautiful one. Archeologists, artists and scientists worldwide were called in to ensure that the depravations of time and the accelerated deterioration of this treasure were halted and reversed, and this documentary faithfully and movingly records their marvelous achievements (Color, 1989, 49 Minutes).

Nefertari, also known as Nefertari Meritmut, was an Egyptian queen and the first of the Great Royal Wives (or principal wives) of Ramesses the Great. Nefertari means 'beautiful companion' and Meritmut means 'Beloved of the Goddess Mut'. She is one of the best known Egyptian queens, among such women as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut, and one of the most prominent not known or thought to have reigned in her own right. She was highly educated and able to both read and write hieroglyphs, a very rare skill at the time. She used these skills in her diplomatic work, corresponding with other prominent royals of the time. Her lavishly decorated tomb, QV66, is one of the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens. Ramesses also constructed a temple for her at Abu Simbel next to his colossal monument there.