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Monster: A Portrait Of Stalin In Blood TV Series DVD, Download, USB

Monster: A Portrait Of Stalin In Blood TV Series DVD, Download, USB
Monster: A Portrait Of Stalin In Blood TV Series DVD, Download, USB
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The Historic First Russian TV Documentary Series Produced After The Fall Of The Soviet Union Where The Full Story Of Stalin's Atrocities Were Exposed For The First Time, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In A 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! #Stalin #DVD

From the opening title cards: "The film that follows was researched, written and produced in Moscow by Russian film makers and historians. It is their account of life under the iron fist of the 20th century's most brutal dictator. Much of its film footage and still photography is newly released from the Official Russian Archives." (Color, 1991, 3 Hours).

Episode 1: Stalin And Mind Control | Episode 2: Stalin's Secret Police | Episode 3: Stalin And The War | Episode 4:Stalin's Private Life

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