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Mr. President US Presidential History Radio w/Edward Arnold CD MP3 USB

Mr. President US Presidential History Radio w/Edward Arnold CD MP3 USB
Mr. President US Presidential History Radio w/Edward Arnold CD MP3 USB
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The 1947-53 Historical Radio Drama Series Where Edward Arnold Portrays An American President Whose Identity Is Secret Till The End Of The Show! 77 Half Hour Episodes Of President Harry S. Truman's Favorite Radio Show Series, Starring Bea Benaderet, Gil Stratton, Hans Conried, Lurene Tuttle, Nina Bara Herb Butterfield And Announcer Owen James, Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #MrPresident #EdwardArnold #RobertGJennings #JeanHolloway #BernardDougall #IraMarion #DickWoolen #BeaBenaderet #GilStratton #HansConried #LureneTuttle #NinaBara #HerbButterfield #OwenJames #ABCNetwork #ABCRadioNetwork #HarrySTruman #POTUS #POTUSHistory #HistoryOfPOTUS #AmericanPresidents #Radio #OldTimeRadio #OTR #GoldenAgeOfRadio #History #AmericanHistory #USHistory #HistoryOfTheUS #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


Mr President 47-05-15 (Aud) Audition Show

Mr President 47-06-26 (001) Teddy Roosevelt

Mr President 47-07-03 (002) Grover Cleveland

Mr President 47-07-10 (003) John Q Adams

Mr President 47-07-17 (004) Woodrow Wilson

Mr President 47-07-24 (005) Ulysses S Grant

Mr President 47-07-31 (006) James Monroe

Mr President 47-08-07 (007) Teddy Roosevelt

Mr President 47-08-14 (008) Benjamin Harrison

Mr President 47-08-21 (009) Rutherford B Hayes

Mr President 47-08-28 (010) Martin Van Buren

Mr President 47-09-04 (011) John Tyler

Mr President 47-09-11 (012) William Howard Taft

Mr President 47-10-02 (015) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 47-10-09 (016) James Buchanan

Mr President 47-10-16 (017) Warren G Harding

Mr President 47-10-30 (019) James a Garfield

Mr President 47-11-06 (020) Woodrew Wilson

Mr President 47-11-13 Thomas Jefferson

Mr President 47-11-27 Washington

Mr President 47-12-04 (024) Calvin Coolidge

Mr President 47-12-11 (025) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 48-01-11 (029) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 48-01-25 (031) Zachary Taylor

Mr President 48-02-01 (032) Andrew Johnson

Mr President 48-02-08 (033) Woodrow Wilson

Mr President 48-02-15 (034) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 48-02-22 (035) John Tyler

Mr President 48-03-07 (037) Warren G Harding

Mr President 48-03-14 (038) Teddy Roosevelt

Mr President 48-03-28 (040) George Washington

Mr President 48-04-04 (041) Grover Cleveland

Mr President 48-04-11 (042) James K Polk

Mr President 48-05-02 (045) Teddy Roosevelt

Mr President 48-05-09 (046) John Adams

Mr President 48-05-16 (047) John Tyler

Mr President 48-05-23 (048) Grover Cleveland

Mr President 48-06-06 (050) John Quincy Adams

Mr President 48-06-20 (052) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 48-07-04 (054) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 48-07-25 (057) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 48-08-08 (059) John Adams

Mr President 48-08-15 (060) Zachary Taylor

Mr President 48-08-22 (061) Thomas Jefferson

Mr President 48-08-29 (062) Grover Cleveland

Mr President 48-09-05 (063) Us Grant

Mr President 48-09-12 (064) Grover Cleveland

Mr President 48-09-19 (065) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 48-10-24 (070) John Tyler

Mr President 48-10-31 (071) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 48-11-07 (072) Theodore Roosevelt

Mr President 48-11-14 (073) Woodrow Wilson

Mr President 48-11-21 (074) James K Polk

Mr President 48-11-28 (075) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 48-12-05 (076) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 48-12-19 (078) Andrew Johnson

Mr President 48-12-26 (079) George Washington

Mr President 49-01-02 (080) Thomas Jefferson

Mr President 49-10-09 (120) Chester Allen Arthur

Mr President 49-12-25 The Man At The Gate Of The World

Mr President 50-01-22 (135) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 50-02-19z (139z) Abraham Lincoln

Mr President 50-02-19z (139z) Grover Cleveland - Advice And Consent

Mr President 50-02-26z (140z) George Washington - The Loophole

Mr President 50-02-26z (140z) George Washington

Mr President 50-05-07 (150) William Howard Taft

Mr President 51-02-14 (191) Zachary Taylor

Mr President 51-05-02 (202) Franklin Pierce

Mr President 53-08-04 (206) U.S. Grant

Mr President 53-08-11 (207) Theodore Roosevelt

Mr President 53-08-18 (208) Andrew Johnson

Mr President 53-08-25 (209) Abe Lincoln

Mr President 53-09-01 (210) James Monroe

Mr President 53-09-08 (211) Andrew Jackson

Mr President 53-09-15 (212) Zachary Taylor

Mr President 53-09-22 (213) Theodore Roosevelt

Mr President xx-xx-xx (xxx) U S Grant Sec of War Scandal

Mr. President was a radio series that ran on the ABC Network from June 26, 1947, to September 23, 1953. Each half-hour episode was based on an incident in the life of one of the people who have held the office of President of the United States, but the dialogs were written in such a way as not to reveal the name of the President until the last line of dialog at the end of the program, when the President would be addressed by name. An advertisement for the program noted, "Each week the suspense mounts from his first question, 'Which one of our 32 Presidents am I?'" The audience was thus encouraged to guess, from the plot of the episode, which President it was. The series was created by Robert G. Jennings and written by a team that included Jean Holloway, Bernard Dougall and Ira Marion. A research staff made certain that the stories were accurate. It was produced and directed by Dick Woolen. The President each week was played by Edward Arnold, with supporting performances by Bea Benaderet, Gil Stratton, Hans Conried, Lurene Tuttle, Nina Bara and Herb Butterfield. The announcer was Owen James. In 1953, Mr. President received the Award of Merit from the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.