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The Milton Berle Show Old Time Radio Comedy Series MP3 CD Download

The Milton Berle Show Old Time Radio Comedy Series MP3 CD Download
The Milton Berle Show Old Time Radio Comedy Series MP3 CD Download
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Uncle Milty In His First Eponymous Broadcast Series Comes To Radio As The Hilarious Weekly Old Time Radio Comedy Series The Milton Berle Show (1947-1948) Costarring Arnold Stang! 36 Half Hour Episodes Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #TheMiltonBerleShow #MiltonBerleShow #TheMiltonBerleRadioShow #MiltonBerleRadioShow #MiltonBerle #UncleMilty #ArnoldStang #HalBlock #MartinRagaway #PertKelton #MarySchipp #JackAlbertson #ArthurQBryan #EdBegley #DickFarney #FrankGallop #PhilipMorris #GoldenAgeOfRadio #GoldenAgeOfRadioComedy #OldTimeRadio #OldTimeRadioComedy #OTR #OTRComedy #Radio #RadioComedy #OldTimeRadioVarietyShows #OTR #OTRVarietyShows #Radio #RadioVarietyShows #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


TMBS 470805 (22) Salute To The Great Outdoors

TMBS 470812 (23) Salute To Summer Sports

TMBS 470819 024 Relaxation

TMBS 470826 025 Railroads

TMBS 470902 026 South America

TMBS 470909 027 American Farmers

TMBS 470916 028 Salute to Radio

TMBS 470923 029 Automobile Industry

TMBS 470930 030 Salute to Brooklyn

TMBS 471007 031 The Old West

TMBS 471014 032 New York Theater

TMBS 471021 033 Good Health

TMBS 471028 (34) Salute To Navy Day

TMBS 471104 035 Football

TMBS 471111 036 Washington, DC

TMBS 471118 037 Opera

TMBS 471125 038 Thanksgiving

TMBS 471202 039 Public Servants - Unsung Heros

TMBS 471209 040 Prize Fighting

TMBS 471216 041 The Department Stores of America

TMBS 471223 042 Christmas

TMBS 471230 043 New Year

TMBS 480106 044 Winter Sports

TMBS 480120 046 Wall Street and High Finance

TMBS 480127 (47) Salute To New York

TMBS 480203 (48) Salute To Gambling

TMBS 480210 049 California

TMBS 480217 050 Communications Industry

TMBS 480224 051 Woman's Rights

TMBS 480302 052 Literature

TMBS 480309 053 Income Taxes

TMBS 480316 054 Politics

TMBS 480323 055 Coming of Spring

TMBS 480330 056 Horse Racing

TMBS 480406 (57) Salute To Motoring

TMBS 480413 058 Health (Last Show)

The Milton Berle Show was a weekly half-hour comedy series from the Golden Age Of Radio scripted by Hal Block and Martin Ragaway, and also featured Arnold Stang, later a familiar face as Berle's TV sidekick. Others in the cast were Pert Kelton, Mary Schipp, Jack Albertson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Ed Begley, Brazilian singer Dick Farney, and announcer Frank Gallop. Sponsored by Philip Morris, it aired on NBC from March 11, 1947, until April 13, 1948. Berle later described this series as "the best radio show I ever did ... a hell of a funny variety show." It served as a springboard for Berle's emergence as television's first major star.