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Medea Euripides Greek Tragedy In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

Medea Euripides Greek Tragedy In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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Euripidesí Timeless Tragedy About The Wrath Of The Woman Scorned By The Great Greek Hero Jason Of The Argonauts!

When Jason comes to Corinth, he decides to marry the king's daughter, regardless of the fact that he has a wife and two children by Medea, the great magical priestess who saved Jason's life many times during his epic adventures to obtain the golden fleece. Medea is a woman of the east, a proud, powerful and magical priestess who worships Hecate, and when Jason makes the mistake of scorning her, she takes apocalyptic revenge. Adapted from Euripides by Robinson Jeffers, as performed at The Kennedy Center's Eisenhower Theatre on March 6th, 1982 (Color, 1 Hour 30 Minutes).

Mark Cullingham (TV), Robert Whitehead (Stage)

Mary Rawson

Albert DeMond (Screenplay and Story)

Medea ... Zoe Caldwell
The Nurse ... Judith Anderson
Jason ... Mitchell Ryan
First Woman Of Corinth ... Jacqueline Brookes
Creon ... Paul Sparer
Aegeus ... Peter Brandon
Second Woman Of Corinth ... Harriet Nichols
Third Woman Of Corinth ... Guilla Pagano
The Tutor ... Don McHenry
The Children ... Stephen Garvin, Christopher Garvin
Slave ... Lucien Douglas
Attendants ... John Peters, Alan Thompson, Mark Leone

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