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Lost TV Pilots 8 Mr. Ed, George Burns, Happy, More DVD, MP4, USB Stick

Lost TV Pilots 8 Mr. Ed, George Burns, Happy, More DVD, MP4, USB Stick
Lost TV Pilots 8 Mr. Ed, George Burns, Happy, More DVD, MP4, USB Stick
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1960's Talking Horse Premiere, OTR's Burns Goes Solo in '58, Fay Wray Takes Pride In Being A '53 Housewife With Natalie Wood For A Daughter & Baby Thinks Outloud In A '60 Sitcom! 2 More Hours Of Vintage TV Rarities Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


WILBUR POPE AND MR. ED (1960, 25:40)
The beloved children's short stories by Walter Brooks ultimately wound up as this tv pilot. Though it featured a different human cast than was to be used in the series, the same grand horse, Bamboo Harvester, and the same voice for the horse, the uncredited Allan "Rocky" Lane, appeared in both pilot and series.

The pilot for the 1958 series that was to intended to be a continuation of THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW without his lifelong comedy team partner and wife, Gracie Allen, who had decided to retire from show business due to chronic ill health.

PRIDE OF THE FAMILY (1953, 26:03)
Cultural icons past and present meet in this pilot for this 1953-1955 family sitcom - Fay Wray of KING KONG fame and Natalie Wood of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE renown. Stars Paul Hartman.

HAPPY (1960, 26:05)
Before there was LOOK WHO'S TALKING, there was HAPPY. Though uncredited, the baby HAPPY was voiced by the great voice-actor Richard "Dick" Beals, and the pilot as well as the rest of the 1960-1961 sitcom was directed by the legendary Mickey Rooney.

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