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Lost TV Pilots 7: Seven Against The Sea Cheaters Gamblers DVD MP4 USB

Lost TV Pilots 7: Seven Against The Sea Cheaters Gamblers DVD MP4 USB
Lost TV Pilots 7: Seven Against The Sea Cheaters Gamblers DVD MP4 USB
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Fred Astaire's 1962 "7 Against The Sea" - TV Noir That Became Televsion Camp Comedy As "McHale's Navy"! PLUS The 1960 Insurance Fraud Investigator John Ireland In "The Cheaters" And The 1967 Action Adventure Series "The Gamblers" Starring Charles Bickford - 2 Hours Of Vintage TV Rarities Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


A hard-bitten piece of dark drama that through the most unlikely of turns ended up the old time television favorite "McHale's Navy". With Ernest Borgnine as McHale & others from his comedy series crew in evidence in this pilot, one can only imagine how Tim Conway would have played such a heavy #2. Great substantive drama.

THE CHEATERS (1960, 26.35)
Insurance fraud on the ski-slopes spells murder to the company investigators. Never before or since has the insurance industry been such exciting and suspenseful viewing!

THE GAMBLERS ((1967, 25:45)
A lonely mountain-climber recovering a stroke makes those about him suffer as a result of recklessly testing himself against a mountain and failing.

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