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Lost TV Pilots 5: This Is Hawthorne The Don McNeill Show DVD MP4 USB

Lost TV Pilots 5: This Is Hawthorne The Don McNeill Show DVD MP4 USB
Lost TV Pilots 5: This Is Hawthorne The Don McNeill Show DVD MP4 USB
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The Father Of Free Form Radio, Jim Hawthorne & The Originator Of The Talk Show Format On Both TV And Radio, Don McNeill! 2 Hours Of Old Time Television Magic Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


For years the mythos of who created free form radio did not include the name of the man we now know was its father, Jim Hawthorne. A buttoned-down demeanor belied the madness of the audio space he created around him during radio shows first broadcast in California as early as 1948. He interacted with disembodied voices from phonograph players playing random record excerpts, imaginary friends such as Scrappy the friendly piece of paper, and with his sponsor's commercials for whom speeding them up and slowing them down was what was in store for them if they didn't behave themselves. The creation of this 1969 TV pilot was a bridge between this especial type of radio format and the televisual medium. To any & all for whom media history in general and radio history in particular is important, this DVD featuring this broadcasting genius is a must-have!

THE DON McNEILL SHOW (1950, B&W, 57:59)
Children of my father's generation listened to this decent man's beloved 1930's BREAKFAST CLUB radio program as they got ready to go to school in the morning. In 1950, his homespun humor, humanitarian wit & way with making conversation was brought to TV, and for the next two years his TV Club (episodes of which are available on EarthStation1.com's DON McNEILL & THE BREAKFAST CLUB DVD) ran in tandem with his radio show. This DVD features the original 1950 ABC network pilot of this TV series and serves to illustrate both the radio show format which was being brought to the TV pilot and the future envisioned for the televized version of this format. It is my great personal pleasure to be able to bring this treasure to the light of day in fulfillment of my father's request to enjoy once again this great, good man and his media legacy.

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