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Lost TV Pilots 2 Shadow Mandrake Phantom Intruder More DVD MP4 USB

Lost TV Pilots 2 Shadow Mandrake Phantom Intruder More DVD MP4 USB
Lost TV Pilots 2 Shadow Mandrake Phantom Intruder More DVD MP4 USB
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Over 2 Hours Of Rarified Television Magic Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


THE SHADOW (1954, B&W, 25:15)
Tom Helmore stars in this fine suspense thriller that was conceived as a continuation of the landmark old time radio series "The Shadow" on television as the series closed down on radio that same year.

Another old time radio show making an attempt to come to TV the same year as the Shadow, this pilot starred an actual famous magician of the day Coe Norton, the beautiful indian actress Lisa Howard & Woody Strode as Lothar. Like The Shadow, it was based on a comic character, which in this series was from one of Lee Falk's comic strips.

THE PHANTOM (1961, COLOR, 25:02)
Another Lee Falk comic character rises off the pages to appear on the screen. Starring stuntman Roger Creed and guest starring Paulette Goddard and Lon Chaney, Jr, this episode entitled "No Escape" finds the Phantom fighting to bring about the demise of a jungle slave camp.

Another attempt to bring "The Shadow" to television, this time in an hour long format and slicker in production. It ended up as a movie instead without ever having been screened. Stars Richard Derr as Lamont Cranston, and instead of Margot Lane as his trusted companion, it costars Mark Daniels as the oriental adept training Cranston in the practice of their art.

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