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Lost Ernie Kovacs TV Show Collection DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive

Lost Ernie Kovacs TV Show Collection DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
Lost Ernie Kovacs TV Show Collection DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
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8 Classic Performances By Televisions First Screwball Television Personality! 3 Episodes Of "Take A Good Look", A Rare Episode Of "Kovacs On The Corner", General Electric Theater's "I Was A Bloodhound", A Rare Appearance In The TV Western "Shotgun Slade", A Great Appearance With Wife Edie Adams On "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show" And A Very Rare Episode Of "Silents Please", Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 3 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #ErnieKovacs #FourthWall #Comedians #Actors #Writers #GameShowHosts #VideoPioneers #VideoArtists #Vaudeville #TV #Television #TVShows #TelevisionShows #TVInTheUS #TelevisionInTheUS #GoldenAgeOfTV #GoldenAgeOfTelevision #Movies #Film #MotionPictures #Cinema #Hollywood #USCinema #CinemaInTheUS #WABC #WABCAM #WABCRadio #WQXR #DVD #MP4 #VideoDownload


This excellent 1960 game show series was the original showcase for the short comedy clips with which most people acquainted with his later "Ernie Kovacs Show" series are familiar with. They were intended to provide wacky and obscure clues to the identities of guests appearing on this show. The panelists that appear in this episode are Cesar Romero, famed as "The Joker" of the "Batman" TV show, Jim Backus of "Mr. Magoo", and Zsa Zsa Gabor with her Pekinese dog appropriately named "Mr. Magoo". Ernie's guests include Miss America 1959 Mary Ann Mobley, who went on appear opposite Elvis in movies and independently on various 1960s era TV shows; an Olympic married couple comprised of American gold medal hammer thrower Harold Vincent Connolly and defector Czech gold medal discus thrower Olga Fikotová; and Harvard man Lothrop Withington Jr., responsible for starting the world's live goldfish-swallowing phenomenon on March 3, 1939. Throughout are the great "Step Up" Dutch Masters commercials that Ernie was famous for (29:23).

Panelists include Cesar Romero, Ernie's beautiful wife Edie Adams and Hans Conreid. Guests include Family Doctor of the Year and the sole woman reporter allowed to accompany and cover President Eisenhower's worldwide tour (28:39).

Panelists include Cesar Romero, Edie Adams and Hans Conreid. Guests include a champion female harness racer and a furniture factory owner who employs chimpanzees in his factory. Ernie's skits include his beloved character Percy Lovetonsils and features the Nairobi Trio performing "Solfeggio" (29:55).

This improbable and preposterous 1958 interspecial treat stars Ernie as a gumshoe who's talent is the ability to sniff out trouble - literally. Utilizing his superior olfactory powers, he follows the scent of a kidnapped elephant and returns the pachyderm to his prince of an Indian prince owner (26:08).

A rare 1952 recording of Ernie's seminal TV comedy series, broadcast live from the studios of WPTZ Philadelphia and distributed by kinescope to the rest of the NBC network, about the weird & wonderful goings-on in the neighborhood of "NBC's own television town" as seen from the streets and square about Ernie's front porch. Co-hosted by his stunning real-life wife Edie (credited as "Edythe") Adams, she performs great renditions of George Gershwin's "'S Wonderful" and Rodgers & Hammerstein's "It Might As Well Be Spring", and ably assists in a great joke commercial for "Food". Ernie gives advice to Alfred the invisible dog on how to resolve his troubles with an invisible cat named after a celebrated female African American dancer of the day, Tandaleo, then explains to Edie and the rest of the adult audience why only he and children are able to see either of them. "Swap Time" brings into the studio real-life folks from the WPTZ neighborhood to swap their unwanted items for the mystery unwanted items of their real-life neighbors. Neighborhood streetsweepers The Dave Appel Trio do a great performance of the jazz standard "Undecided" ("First you say you do ...And then you don't ...And then you say you will ...And then you won't ...You're undecided now ...So what are you gonna do?") and later do double duty as escaping gunman during an oddball "Yoo Hoo Time" commercial. The local cop on the beat gets serenaded by a Bessie Smith soundalike with "St. Louis Blues" when she's not doing singing chicken impressions. One can't find an earlier example of this TV show format, and rarely have any of the shows that follow in this tradition been so honestly and spontaneously funny - you can be sure the crew really were laughing out of sincere joy and gladness about what was being broadcast!

Ernie guest stars as a grizzled old gold prospector who gets caught up in a mining scandal in this rare pilot episode of the 1959 dark Western SHOTGUN SLADE.

Not only do Ernie and Edie appear together at the crest of their independent and mutual careers in this now celebrated 1958 summer series, but the great Louis Prima and his lovely wife Keely Smith perform their act live & do they swing!

Ernie was the host of this important show which sought to rekindle interest in the silent film pictures of his youth, utilizing musical and narrative audio accompaniment to the film in order to make the film accessible to modern audiences. In this episode: Rudolph Valentino in SON OF THE SHEIK.

Ernie Kovacs, American comedian, actor, writer and game show host (January 23, 1919 - January 13, 1962) was born Ernest Edward Kovacs in Trenton, New Jersey. Kovacs' visually experimental and often spontaneous comedic style influenced numerous television comedy programs for years after his death. Many individuals and shows, such as Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Saturday Night Live, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Jim Henson, Max Headroom, Chevy Chase, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Dave Garroway, Uncle Floyd, and many others have credited Ernie as an influence. Chevy Chase thanked Kovacs during his acceptance speech for his Emmy award for Saturday Night Live. Some of Kovacs' unusual behaviors include having pet marmosets and wrestling a jaguar on his live Philadelphia television show. When working at WABC (AM) as a morning-drive radio announcer and doing a mid-morning television series for NBC, Kovacs claimed to dislike eating breakfast alone while his wife, Edie Adams, was sleeping after her Broadway performances. His solution was to hire a taxi driver to come into their apartment with his own key and make breakfast for them both, then take Ernie to the WABC studios. While working in Vermont during 1939, he became so seriously ill with pneumonia and pleurisy that his doctors didn't expect him to survive. During the next year and a half, his comedic talents developed as he entertained both doctors and patients with his antics during stays at several hospitals. While hospitalized, Kovacs developed a lifelong love of classical music by the gift of a radio, which he kept tuned to WQXR. Ernie Kovacs died in the early morning when he lost control of his Chevrolet Corvair station wagon while turning quickly and crashed into a power pole in Beverly Hills. He was thrown halfway out the vehicle's passenger side and died almost instantly from chest and head injuries. While Kovacs and Adams received Emmy nominations for best performances in a comedy series during 1957, his talent was not recognized formally until after his death; the 1962 Emmy for Outstanding Electronic Camera Work and the Directors' Guild award came a short time after his fatal accident. A quarter century later, he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame. Kovacs also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in television. In 1986, the Museum of Broadcasting (later to become the Museum of Television amd Radio and now the Paley Center for Media) presented an exhibit of Kovacs' work, called The Vision of Ernie Kovacs.