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The King Of Hearts (Le Roi De Coeur) (1966) DVD, Download, USB Drive

The King Of Hearts (Le Roi De Coeur) (1966) DVD, Download, USB Drive
The King Of Hearts (Le Roi De Coeur) (1966) DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Out-Of-Print Special English Language Soundtrack Version Of The Cult Classic French World War I Avant Garde Fantasy Film Starring British Leading Man Alan Bates And French Canadian Leading Lady Geneviève Bujold, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #TheKingOfHearts #KingOfHearts #LeRoiDeCoeur #AlanBates #GenevieveBujold #WorldWarI #WWI #FirstWorldWar #DVD #VideoDownload #USBFlashDrive

At the end of the First World War, the Germans retreating from the picturesque French town of Marville wire up the town clock with a bomb set to blow up the town at midnight. The advancing Scots Highlanders detail Private Charles Plumpick to defuse the device, having confused his expertise in ornithology with that of explosives . When Pvt. Plumpick is pursued by German soldiers he finds refuge at the local insane asylum, where the inmates believe him to be "The King of Hearts." Wishing to help the inmates, Charles tries to lead them out of town, but they fear to leave and instead frolic around town in gay attire. Will Plumpick be able to rescue his new friends and deactivate the bomb in time? (Color, 1:34, All Regions DVD Format).

Philippe de Broca

Daniel Boulanger (Scenario and Dialogue), Maurice Bessy (Idea)

Pierre Brasseur ... Le Général Géranium
Jean-Claude Brialy ... Le Duc de Trèfle
Geneviève Bujold ... Coquelicot
Adolfo Celi ... Le Colonel Alexander MacBibenbrook
Françoise Christophe ... La Duchesse
Julien Guiomar ... Monseigneur Marguerite
Micheline Presle ... Madame Eva alias Madame Eglantine
Michel Serrault ... Monsieur Marcel
Alan Bates ... Le soldat Charles Plumpick alias le roi de coeur
Jacques Balutin ... Mac Fish
Palau ... Alberic
Pier Paolo Capponi ... Un officier anglais (as Paolo Capponi)
Madeleine Clervanne ... Brunehaut
Marc Dudicourt ... Le Lieutenant Hamburger
Les Animaux de Jean Richard ... Eux-mêmes
Georges Adet ... L'aliéné-docteur (uncredited)
Jackie Blanchot ... Le Gabalou (uncredited)
Robert Blome ... Un aliéné (uncredited)
Jean-Marie Bon ... Un aliéné (uncredited)
Daniel Boulanger ... Le Colonel Helmut von Krack (uncredited)
Philippe de Broca ... Le capitaine Adolf Hitler (uncredited)
Philippe Bruneau ... Un académicien (uncredited)
Paul Faivre ... Le coiffeur (uncredited)
Georges Guéret ... Le soldat avec Mac Fish (uncredited)
Louis Jojot ... Gontrand (uncredited)
Jacques Mauclair ... Le maire (uncredited)
Daniel Prévost ... Le Général Vallemat (uncredited)
Yves Robert ... Le général Baderna (uncredited)
Sabine Sun ... Mimi la Rose (uncredited)
Sylvain ... Le suisse (uncredited)
Eric Vasberg ... Un soldat avec Mac Fish (uncredited)