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JFK, Hoffa & The Mob: Lawyer Frank Ragano Confessions DVD, MP4, USB

JFK, Hoffa & The Mob: Lawyer Frank Ragano Confessions DVD, MP4, USB
JFK, Hoffa & The Mob: Lawyer Frank Ragano Confessions DVD, MP4, USB
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Frank Ragano, "Mob Lawyer" For Santo Trafficante Jr., Carlos Marcello And Jimmy Hoffa, Gives His Unique, Privileged And Controversial Account Of His Clients' Involvement In The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1992, 58 Minutes.) #FrankRagano #Lawyers #MobLawyers #SantoTrafficanteJr #DonSantoTrafficanteJr #TrafficanteCrimeFamily #CrimeFamilies #TampaMafia #BonannoCrimeFamily #Dons #Godfathers #CrimeBosses #Gangsters #Mobsters #Mob #Mafia #CosaNostra #TheSyndicate #SicilianMafia #CarlosMarcello #NewOrleansCrimeFamily #JimmyHoffa #JamesRiddleHoffa #DisappearanceOfJimmyHoffa #InternationalBrotherhoodOfTeamsters #IBT #AssassinationOfJohnFKennedy #AssassinationOfJFK #JohnFKennedyAssassinationConspiracy #JFKAssassinationConspiracy #USHouseSelectCommitteeOnAssassinations #AssassinationAttemptsOnFidelCastro #HSCA #OrganizedCrimeInTheUS #OrganizedCrime #HistoryOfAmericanCrime #Crime #AmericanHistory #JFKAssassination #JFK #JohnFKennedy #POTUSAssassinations #Assassinations #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

Frank Ragano, self-styled "mob lawyer" from Florida who made his name representing organized crime figures such as Santo Trafficante, Jr. and Carlos Marcello, and also served as lawyer for Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa (January 25, 1923 - May 13, 1998) was born in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida to Sicilian parents. Ragano attended Stetson Law School and clerked for the Florida Supreme Court before admission to the Florida Bar in 1952 and beginning his trial practice in Tampa, Florida. In 1954 he was recruited by another attorney to represent several defendants arrested in Tampa for involvement in Santo Trafficante, Jr.'s illegal bolita operations (a type of lottery utilizing bolita balls, balls similar to those used in contemporary legal lotteries, which was popular in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries in Cuba and among Florida's working class Hispanic, Italian, and black population). He immediately befriended Trafficante, who thereafter admitted him into the inner circles of Florida's organized crime scene. In his 1994 autobiography Mob Lawyer, Ragano recounted his career in defending members of organized crime, and made the controversial allegation that Florida mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. confessed to him shortly before he died in 1987 that he and Carlos Marcello had arranged for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. During one of Ragano's frequent visits to Trafficante's Havana nightclubs. Trafficante told Ragano that in 1957 he and others had set up then Senator John F. Kennedy in a Havana hotel room with several prostitutes, and that Trafficante rued the day he had failed to preserve the moment in secret surveillance tapes that could have been used for bribery purposes. In 1959, after Fidel Castro overthrew the Fulgencio Batista regime in Cuba, Trafficante's casinos were closed down and he was imprisoned by the new government. Ragano worked on various attempts to free Trafficante, who was released in early 1960 and returned to the United States. By 1960 Ragano was already known as a shrewd, up-and-coming criminal defense attorney, who defended a wide range of clients. Thanks to a recommendation from Santo Trafficante, Ragano was hired by Jimmy Hoffa to represent him on union corruption charges, thus beginning a long association with the infamous labor leader. He used his position with Hoffa to help place loans from the Teamsters' pension funds in return for "finder's fees." Liberace, the entertainer, was one such client for whom he attempted to get a Teamsters' loan. Ragano witnessed kickbacks of millions of dollars to Hoffa from the Teamsters' pension fund. In 1963, again on Trafficante's recommendation, Ragano began serving as attorney for Carlos Marcello, the head of the New Orleans crime family. In his book, Ragano claimed that Hoffa, who was being hounded by United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy on corruption and jury tampering charges, asked him to convey a message to Trafficante and Marcello that an assassination of President Kennedy should be arranged. When Kennedy was shot and killed later that year, Ragano wrote that Hoffa always assumed that Trafficante and Marcello had actually carried out such a plan. Trafficante did "celebrate" with Ragano upon hearing word of Kennedy's assassination, but made no admission to Ragano at that time that he was in any way involved. He did tell Ragano later that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had once asked him for help in assassinating Castro in Cuba. In 1975, Ragano was asked by Trafficante to convey an urgent message to Hoffa to "be very careful and not take any chances." Within days, Hoffa disappeared under mysterious circumstances, never to be found. Frank Ragano died in his sleep in Tampa, Florida at the age of 75.