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Hook Line And Sinker! 1930 Wheeler & Woolsey DVD, MP4, USB Drive

Hook Line And Sinker! 1930 Wheeler & Woolsey DVD, MP4, USB Drive
Hook Line And Sinker! 1930 Wheeler & Woolsey DVD, MP4, USB Drive
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The 30's Vaudeville Greats Take Over A Fleabag Hotel, Market It To The Rich & Battle The Crooked Lawyers Who Put Them Up To It In All Regions DVD Format!


Mary runs away from her rich mother to take control of a hotel the family owns. She runs into two huckster insurance salesmen who are only too eager to help her when they hear her story. But the hotel's a wreck and there's a set-up involved, but that doesn't stop them from making matters worse by launching a marketing campaign targeting the rich. Things go from bad to worse in ways that only happen in Wheeler, Woolsey & Lee movies! (1930, Black & White, 1:15).

Edward F. Cline

Ralph Spence, Tim Whelan

William LeBaron (Producer), Myles Connolly (Associate Producer)


Bert Wheeler .... Wilbur Boswell
Robert Woolsey .... Addington Ganzy
Dorothy Lee .... Mary Marsh
Ralf Harolde .... John Blackwell aka Buffalo Blackie
Jobyna Howland .... Mrs. Marsh, Mary's Mother
Natalie Moorhead .... Dutchess Bessie Von Essie
Hugh Herbert .... House detective
George F. Marion .... Ritz de la Rivera Bellboy
Stanley Fields .... McKay, Blackwell Henchman
William B. Davidson .... Frank Dukette AKA Duke of Winchester

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