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Hindenburg Disaster Docs, Films & Eyewitness Recording DVD, MP4, USB

Hindenburg Disaster Docs, Films & Eyewitness Recording DVD, MP4, USB
Hindenburg Disaster Docs, Films & Eyewitness Recording DVD, MP4, USB
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The Hindenburg Disaster, The Fiery Destruction Of The German Passenger Airship LZ 129 Hindenburg During Its Attempt To Dock With The Mooring Mast At Naval Air Station Lakehurst On May 6, 1937, As Seen Through The Lens Of Two Golden Age TV Documentaries, Two Newsreels And The Complete Historic Eye Witness Audio Recording Of The Disaster! All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! Includes: 1) THE HINDENBURG: SHIP OF DOOM (Black/White, 1982, 26 Minutes) A Series Of Reenactments Coupled With Archival Footage; 2) SURVIVAL! : THE HINDENBURG (Black/White, 1964, 23 Minutes), A Documentary Investigation Narrated By James Whitmore With Special Attention To World-Renowned Acrobat And Hindenburg Crash Survivor, Joseph Spah; 3) UNIVERSAL NEWSREEL: MAY 10, 1937: SPECIAL RELEASE: ZEPPELIN EXPLODES SCORES DEAD/ZEP SURVIVORS FIGHT FOR LIFE AS INQUIRY BEGINS (Black/White, 5 Minutes); 4) HINDENBURG EXPLODES: A PATHEGRAMS RELEASE, A Compilation Of Castle And Pathe Newsreel Footage Edited By Eugene W. Castle (Silent, Black/White, 1937, 6 Minutes), And 5) WLS EYE WITNESS RECORDING OF AIRSHIP HINDENBURG DISASTER (39 Minutes) By Announcer Herbert Morrison And Engineer Charles Nehlson Of WLS Radio Chicago, Which When It Was Aired The Day Following The Disaster Was The First Time Recordings Of A News Event Were Ever Broadcast. #HindenburgDisaster #HindenburgCrash # LZ129Hindenburg #Hindenburg #LZ129Hindenburg #Zeppelins #Airships #RigidAirships #Dirigibles #Airliners #LighterThanAir #AviationAccidents #AviationIncidents #Aviation #AviationHistory #HistoryOfAviation #HistoryOfFlight #CivilAviation #CivilAviationHistory #HistoryOfCivilAviation #TransatlanticFlight #Germany #NaziGermany #LakehurstNavalAirStation #NavalAirStationLakehurst #HerbertMorrison #WLS #WLSRadio #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

* 4/14/19: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With UNIVERSAL NEWSREEL: MAY 10, 1937, HINDENBURG EXPLODES, And WLS EYE WITNESS RECORDING, With All Other Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To An Archival Quality Dual Layer Format DVD!

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