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Heart Of The Dragon TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive

Heart Of The Dragon TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
Heart Of The Dragon TV Series DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
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The Greatest TV Documentary Series On Life In Post-Mao China Ever Made! The Historic 1985 Television Series That First Documented Life As It Then Existed ''Behind The Bamboo Curtain'', And Gave Viewers All Over The World Their First, And In Some Cases Last, Chance To Glimpse That Way Of Life Before It Disappeared Forever! All 12 Hour Long Episodes Packed Into A 6 Disc All Regions Format DVD MegaSet!


Epi. 1: Remembering (The history of China that lead to her contemporary life) | Epi. 2: Caring (Social support systems extending from the community into the realms of the police, prisons, medicine and psychiatry)

Epi. 3: Eating (The cultural and historical significance of food) | Epi. 4: Believing (Religion, philosophy and ethics)

Epi. 5: Correcting (A criminal defendant is followed as she is processed through the court system) | Epi. 6: Working (Follows workers at the world's last steam locomotive plant in the city of Datang)

Epi. 7: Living (Life for the common peasant in the small farming village of Mao Ping) | Epi. 8: Marrying (Captures the disappearing phenomenon of large extended families coming together to celebrate a marriage in the small farming village of Mao Ping)

Epi. 9: Understanding (The history of Chinese science, it's contemporary state of development and its adaptation of Western science) | Epi. 10: Mediating (A local mediator takes charge of communal efforts to prevent a couple's impending divorce)

Epi. 11: Creating (Arts and the artist in history and contemporary life) | Epi. 12: Trading (Economic life and its transition to accomodate the West)

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