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Hate On Trial: SPLC Vs WAR Trial + Skinhead USA MP4 Download DVD Set

Hate On Trial: SPLC Vs WAR Trial + Skinhead USA MP4 Download DVD Set
Hate On Trial: SPLC Vs WAR Trial + Skinhead USA MP4 Download DVD Set
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The Trial Brought To Civil Court By The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Of White Supremacists Tom And John Metzger For Their Incitement To Violence Which Resulted In The Despicable Murder Of Ethiopian Student Mulugeta Seraw Through The Activities Of The Metzger's Racist White Aryan Resistance (WAR) Organization (Color, 1993, 2 Hours 27 Minutes) PLUS BONUS: SKINHEADS: SOLDIERS OF THE RACE WAR, The America Undercover Series Expose Of The Aryan Youth Front (Formerly Known As The White Aryan Resistance [WAR], Whose Name Was Changed To Avoid Confusion With The Metzger's WAR Organization), The Alabama White Power Skinhead Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Organization Led By Bill Riccio (Color, 1993, 58 Minutes) -- All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set!

*January 18, 2024: Updated With SKINHEADS: SOLDIERS OF THE RACE WAR!

Mulugeta Seraw (October 21, 1960 - November 13, 1988) was an Ethiopian student who traveled to the United States to attend college. He was 28 when he was murdered by three white supremacists in November 1988 in Portland, Oregon. They were convicted, and Mulugeta's father and son - who was six years old - filed (and won) a civil lawsuit against the killers and an affiliated organization, holding them liable for the murder. On the night of November 12, 1988, Kenneth Murray "Death" Mieske, Kyle Brewster, and Steve Strasser, members of groups known as East Side White Pride and White Aryan Resistance (WAR), were driving around Portland with their girlfriends, intending to return home. The three confronted two black men, including Mulugeta, who had been dropped off in front of his apartment. Mulugeta was beaten to death with a baseball bat on Southeast 31st Avenue. The three perpetrators and their girlfriends left him in a puddle of blood. He died the next day. Mieske said he, Brewster, and Strasser killed Mulugeta "because of his race." In response, hundreds of people turned out for rallies against racism. Meanwhile, Tom Metzger, head of WAR, said the supremacists did a "civic duty" by killing the Ethiopian student. After one week of investigation, Mieske, Brewster, and Strasser were arrested. Brewster and Strasser were convicted of manslaughter and assault. Brewster was released in November 2002, but in 2006 violated parole and was sent back to prison. Brewster was again released, and has been documented at Proud Boys rallies and fighting alongside them in brawls. In 1990, Mieske was convicted of first-degree murder and given a life sentence; he died on July 26, 2011, at the age of 45. At the time of his death, he was still being referred to as a "Prisoner of War" by white power groups. In October 1990, Mulugeta's father and son, represented at no cost by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, won a civil case against White Aryan Resistance's operator Tom Metzger and his son John Metzger for a total of 12.5M USD. The cost of the trial, which measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, was absorbed by the SPLC and the ADL. As Metzger was unable to cover the damages, the Mulugetas' lawyer decided to file legal documents in order to have his Fallbrook, California home and his assets seized. As a result, the house was transferred to Mulugeta's estate for a value of 121,500 USD; Metzger was allowed to keep 45,000 USD under California's Homestead Act. Metzger was warned that any damage caused to the house would result in a lawsuit; nonetheless, he chose to leave the property "a mess" with cracked windows, but apparently did not cause any serious damage. The Metzgers declared bankruptcy, but WAR continued to operate. Metzger himself was forced to move into an apartment and collect welfare. As of 2007, he was still making payments to Mulugeta's family.

Thomas Linton Metzger (April 9, 1938 - November 4, 2020) was an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi skinhead leader and Klansman. He founded White Aryan Resistance (WAR), a neo-nazi organization, in 1983. He was a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. Metzger voiced strong opposition to immigration to the United States, and was an advocate of the Third Position - a set of neo-fascist political ideologies that developed its name through the claim that it represented a third position between the capitalism of the Western Bloc and the communism of the Eastern Bloc. He was incarcerated in Los Angeles County, California, and Toronto, Ontario, and was the subject of several lawsuits and government inquiries. He, his son, and WAR were fined 12M USD as a result of the murder of Mulugeta Seraw, 28, an Ethiopian student, by skinheads in Portland, Oregon, affiliated with WAR.

White Aryan Resistance (WAR) is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi organization in the United States which was founded and formerly led by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Tom Metzger. It is based in Warsaw, Indiana, and it is also incorporated as a business. In 1993, the group expanded into Canada in what they dubbed operation Maple Leaf. It holds views that are self-described as racist, as can be seen in its website sections which are titled "Racist Jokes" and "Racist Videos," as well as in the tagline for its newspaper The Insurgent: "the most racist newspaper on Earth." WAR uses the slogan "White Revolution is the Only Solution".

White Aryan Resistance (WAR) was eventually bankrupted as the result of a civil lawsuit centered on its involvement in the 1988 murder of Mulugeta Seraw, an Ethiopian man who had moved to the United States to attend college. In 1988, white power skinheads affiliated with WAR were convicted of killing Seraw and sent to prison. Kenneth Mieske said he and the two others killed Seraw "because of his race." Metzger declared that they did a "civic duty" by killing Seraw.Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a civil suit against him, arguing that WAR influenced Seraw's killers by encouraging their group East Side White Pride to commit violence. Metzger's decision to represent himself at his trial became the source of considerable civic derision through the legal incompetence which he displayed—never more so than when he accepted an option for a new trial judge during the initial stages of the trial in place of the interim appointed judge who he thought was Jewish; only after he had made his decision did he discover that the new judge, Ancer L. Haggerty, was African American. At the trial, WAR national vice president Dave Mazzella testified about how the Metzgers instructed WAR members to commit violence against minorities. Tom and his son John Metzger were found civilly liable under the doctrine of vicarious liability, in which one can be liable for a tort committed by a subordinate or another person who is taking instructions. The jury returned the largest civil verdict in Oregon history at the time - 12.5M USD - against Metzger and WAR. The Metzgers' house was seized, and most of WAR's profits go to paying off the judgment.

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War is a 1993 documentary film about a group of white power skinheads involved in the neo-Nazi movement in the southern state of Alabama. It features the white supremacist Bill Riccio, then-leader of the Aryan Youth Front. Other Klan organizations are also featured. The film was directed by Shari Cookson and produced by Dave Bell.