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Hans Christian Andersen: A True Myth DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

Hans Christian Andersen: A True Myth DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
Hans Christian Andersen: A True Myth DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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The 1987 Inspiring Investigative Documentary That Seeks To Answer The Question: Was Hans Christian Andersen The Unacknowledged Son Of King Christian VII Of Denmark! A Real Life Fairy Tale In All Regions DVD Format!

The official story of Hans Christian Andersen's parentage is that he was the son of a humble shoemaker and a washer woman. Why then did he from his early youth on enjoy the patronage of the royal retinue of the King of Denmark, most especially that of King Christian II, whom he looked exactly like besides sharing his Christian "Christian" name? This kind-hearted documentary winningly seeks to establish that Andersen was sired by the King when he was an unmarried Prince and was raised by a good common local family to whom the child was entrusted after his baptism at the royal family's parish. A childhood filled with awkwardness and persecution for not being like the other boys and girls, and later like the other men and women of his day, was made bright by the insistant and continual support of all royalty and their retinue of Denmark, as well as by neighboring royal domains. His beloved story "The Ugly Duckling" is an example of how his own personal pain in acknowledging what he truly was became through his pen a fairy tale instruction to others in how to become unashamedly themselves; let it be an instruction to you and to your noble worthy loved ones! (Color, 43 Minutes).

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