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Greed 1924 Zasu Pitts Erich von Stroheim's McTeague DVD, Download, USB

Greed 1924 Zasu Pitts Erich von Stroheim's McTeague DVD, Download, USB
Greed 1924 Zasu Pitts Erich von Stroheim's McTeague DVD, Download, USB
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The American Silent Film Masterpiece Of Screenwriter And Director Erich von Stroheim Starring Zasu Pitts And Gibson Gowland Based On The Frank Norris Novel McTeague About How The Lust For Money Destroys, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Black/White, 1924, 2 Hours 20 Minutes.) #Greed1924 #ErichVonStroheim #FrankNorris #McTeague #ZasuPitts #GibsonGowland #GreatFilms #GreatMovies #GreatDirectors #Movies #Film #MotionPictures #Cinema #Hollywood #ClassicalHollywoodCinema #ClassicHollywoodCinema #GoldenAgeOfHollywood #OldHollywood #AmericanCinema #USCinema #CinemaOfTheUS #SilentFilms #SilentMovies #SilentEra #Silents #GreatDirectors #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

Greed is a 1924 American silent drama film written and directed by Erich von Stroheim and based on the 1899 Frank Norris novel McTeague. It stars Gibson Gowland as Dr. John McTeague, ZaSu Pitts as Trina Sieppe, his wife, and Jean Hersholt as McTeague's friend and eventual enemy Marcus Schouler. The film tells the story of McTeague, a San Francisco dentist, who marries his best friend Schouler's girlfriend Trina. Greed was one of the few films of its time to be shot entirely on location, with Stroheim shooting approximately 85 hours of footage before editing. Two months alone were spent shooting in Death Valley for the film's final sequence, and many of the cast and crew became ill. Stroheim used sophisticated filming techniques such as deep-focus cinematography and montage editing. He considered Greed to be a Greek tragedy, in which environment and heredity controlled the characters' fates and reduced them to primitive betes humaines (human beasts), a naturalistic concept in the vein of Zola. During editing, the production company merged into Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, putting Irving Thalberg in charge of post-production. Thalberg had fired Stroheim a few years earlier at Universal Pictures. Originally almost eight hours long, Greed was edited against Stroheim's wishes to about two-and-a-half hours. Only twelve people saw the full-length 42-reel version, now lost; some of them called it the greatest film ever made. Stroheim later called Greed his most fully realized work and was hurt both professionally and personally by the studio's re-editing of it. The uncut version has been called the "holy grail" for film archivists, amid repeated false claims of the discovery of the missing footage. Greed was a critical and financial failure upon its initial release, but, by the 1950s, it began to be regarded as one of the greatest films ever made; filmmakers and scholars have noted its influence on subsequent films.

Erich von Stroheim, Austrian-American actor, director, screenwriter and producer, most noted as a film star and avant garde, visionary director of the silent era (born Erich Oswald Stroheim; September 22, 1885 May 12, 1957) was born in Vienna, Austria. Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim had as his masterpiece his adaptation of Frank Norris' novel McTeague, entitled Greed, considered one of the finest and most important films ever made. After clashes with Hollywood studio bosses over budget and workers' rights issues, von Stroheim was banned for life as a director and subsequently became a well-respected character actor, particularly in French cinema. For his early innovations as a director, von Stroheim is still celebrated as one of the first of the auteur directors. He died in 1957 in France of prostate cancer at the age of 71. Beloved by Parisian neo-Surrealists known as Letterists, in 1979 Letterist Maurice Lemaitre directed a seventy-minute homage to von Stroheim entitled Erich von Stroheim. He died on of prostate cancer on May 12, 1957 at the age of 71 at his chateau in Maurepas, Seine-et-Oise, France.