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The Great Depression 7 Part Documentary Series MP4 Video Download DVD

The Great Depression 7 Part Documentary Series MP4 Video Download DVD
The Great Depression 7 Part Documentary Series MP4 Video Download DVD
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The Great Depression, The 20th Century's Greatest Financial Calamity, As Told In This Seven Part TV Documentary Series By The Producers Of Eyes On The Prize! Seven Historic Hours, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality 4 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! (Color, 1993, Seven Episodes Of 58 Minutes Each.)



Episode 1: A Job At Ford

Episode 2: The Road To Rock Bottom


Episode 3: New Deal, New York

Episode 4: We Have A Plan (Upton Sinclair & EPIC)


Episode 5: Mean Things Happening (Labor Union Strife)

Episode 6: To Be Somebody (Joe Louis and Black Sportsmen)


Episode 7: Arsenal Of Democracy

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States. The timing of the Great Depression varied across the world; in most countries, it started in 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s. It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century. The Great Depression is commonly used as an example of how intensely the global economy can decline. The Great Depression started in the United States after a major fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929, and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, (known as Black Tuesday). Between 1929 and 1932, worldwide gross domestic product (GDP) fell by an estimated 15%. By comparison, worldwide GDP fell by less than 1% from 2008 to 2009 during the Great Recession. Some economies started to recover by the mid-1930s. However, in many countries, the negative effects of the Great Depression lasted until the beginning of World War II. The Great Depression had devastating effects in both rich and poor countries. Personal income, tax revenue, profits and prices dropped, while international trade fell by more than 50%. Unemployment in the U.S. rose to 23% and in some countries rose as high as 33%..Cities around the world were hit hard, especially those dependent on heavy industry. Construction was virtually halted in many countries. Farming communities and rural areas suffered as crop prices fell by about 60%. Facing plummeting demand with few alternative sources of jobs, areas dependent on primary sector industries such as mining and logging suffered the most.