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General William "Billy" Mitchell DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive

General William "Billy" Mitchell DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
General William "Billy" Mitchell DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
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The Tumultuous Life And Achievements Of US Army Air Force General William "Billy" Mitchell, The Father Of Tactical Air Support, Strategic Bombing And The Father Of The United States Air Force, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #BillyMitchell #UnitedStatesArmy #USArmy #UnitedStatesAirForce #USAirForce #FatherOfTheUSAirForce #NorthAmericanB25Mitchell #Aviation #AviationHistory #HistoryOfAviation #MilitaryAviation #Airpower #AerialWarfare #MilitaryAviation #Airpower #AerialWarfareHistory #Carriers #AircraftCarriers #NavalAviation #MilitaryNavalAviation #Bombing #AerialBombing #DVD #MP4 #VideoDownload


CBS BIOGRAPHY: BILLY MITCHELL (Black And White, 1964, 23 Minutes)
Largely forgotten nowadays, U.S. Army General Billy Mitchell is a giant of military aviation, and was its first and furthest-seeing visionary. Starting off as the U.S. Army's only pilot in Europe, he soon invented the tactical air support of ground operations that was to become the basis of Second World War mechanized warfare. Conducting thousand plane raids that also foreshadowed such massive armadas being used in World War II, he virtually wrote the book on tactical aerial warfare while fighting old-guard upper brass every step of the way.

Martin Gabel narrates the improbable story of Billy Mitchell, the great American visionary of military aviation, who was court martialed on charges of insubordination when he criticized his superiors regarding air power in much the same way that MacArthur criticized Truman 20 years later regarding Korea, and who had but one man on the military tribunal who handled the case that voted in Mitchell's favor: Douglas MacArthur.

WORLD WAR 1: DAREVILS AND DOGFIGHTS (Black And White, 1963, 23 Minutes)
An excellent installment of the Landmark 1964 CBS documentary series devoted to a full and concise brief on the history, personalities, strategy and drama of warfare's first aerial battlefield, with special attention given to the short term but highly successful contributions made by American airman. Narrated By Robert Ryan.

Billy Mitchell, United States Army general and pilot was a who is regarded as the father of the United States Air Force (December 29, 1879 - February 19, 1936) was born William Lendrum Mitchell in Nice, France to John L. Mitchell, a wealthy Wisconsin senator, and his wife Harriet Danforth (Becker). Billy Mitchell served in France during World War I and, by the conflict's end, commanded all American air combat units in that country. After the war, he was appointed deputy director of the Air Service and began advocating increased investment in air power, believing that this would prove vital in future wars. He argued particularly for the ability of bombers to sink battleships and organized a series of bombing runs against stationary ships designed to test the idea. He antagonized many administrative leaders of the Army with his arguments and criticism and, in 1925, was returned from appointment as a brigadier general to his permanent rank of colonel due to his insubordination. Later that year, he was court-martialed for insubordination after accusing Army and Navy leaders of an "almost treasonable administration of the national defense" for investing in battleships instead of aircraft carriers. He resigned from the service shortly afterward. Mitchell received many honors following his death, including a commission by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a major general. He is also the only individual for whom an American military aircraft design, the North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber, is named, and it served in every theater of World War II and after the war ended many remained in service, operating across four decades. Mitchell died of a coronary occlusion, obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery, at Doctors Hospital in New York City at the age of 56. Mitchell was buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.