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Complete Fred Allen Radio Shows MP3 Set DVD, Audio Download, USB Drive

Complete Fred Allen Radio Shows MP3 Set DVD, Audio Download, USB Drive
Complete Fred Allen Radio Shows MP3 Set DVD, Audio Download, USB Drive
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The Golden Age Of Radio Genius Of Fred Allen, Pioneering Master Of The Comedy Variety Genre! 128 Hours Packed Into 214 MP3s Presented As An Archival Quality 2 Disc MP3 DVD Set, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #FredAllen #TheFredAllenShow #TexacoStarTheatreWithFredAllen. #PortlandHoffa #AllensAlley #SenatorClaghorn # BeauregardClaghorn #KennyDelmar #MrsNussbaum #PansyNussbaum #MrsNussbaum #MinervaPious #FalstaffOpenshaw #AlanReed #TitusMoody #MrMoody #ParkerFennelly #JohnDoe #JohnBrown #LinitBathSoaps #Hellmanns #Ipana #SalHepatica #TheTexasCompany. #Texaco #TenderleafTea #FordMotorCompany #GoldenAgeOfRadio #GoldenAgeOfRadioComedy #OldTimeRadio #OldTimeRadioComedy #OTR #OTRComedy #Radio #RadioComedy #MP3 #DVD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


Fred Allen 1932-12-25 Mammoth Department Store

Fred Allen 1933-01-22 Court Of Judge Allen

Fred Allen 1935-10-02 Once An Amateur

Fred Allen 1936-01-15 Home On The Range (First Half Only)

Fred Allen 1936-01-22 Amateur Show - One Long Pan

Fred Allen 1936-06-17 With Stoopnagle And Bud

Fred Allen 1936-10-07 Who Killed Rappaport

Fred Allen 1937-03-10 Amateur Show - James Kelso

Fred Allen 1937-03-17 St Patrick's Day Show

Fred Allen 1937-12-22 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight

Fred Allen 1938-05-18 The House That Jack Built

Fred Allen 1938-05-25 Who Stole The Favorite

Fred Allen 1938-06-08 Satire On Song Writers

Fred Allen 1939-02-22 Subway Posters

Fred Allen 1939-03-22 Murder At Madison Square

Fred Allen 1939-06-21 Crisis On The Showboat

Fred Allen 1939-10-11 Satire On Surveys And Polls

Fred Allen 1939-10-25 Guest Billy Rose

Fred Allen 1939-11-08 The Doughnut Master

Fred Allen 1939-12-27 Dr Allen Clinic

Fred Allen 1940-01-31 Mountain Justice

Fred Allen 1940-02-28 Life At The South Pole

Fred Allen 1940-03-20 Eagle Gets Loose In The Studio

Fred Allen 1940-03-27 Who Killed Mack Borden

Fred Allen 1940-05-08 Barber College

Fred Allen 1940-06-12 Hillbilly Skit

Fred Allen 1941-01-22 They Almost Junked The Junket

Fred Allen 1941-02-05 Mountain Justice

Fred Allen 1941-02-12 Truth Or Subsequences

Fred Allen 1941-02-19 Milk

Fred Allen 1941-03-05 Little Red Riding Hood

Fred Allen 1941-03-12 Philanda Blank, My Story

Fred Allen 1941-03-19 Nicotine Alley

Fred Allen 1941-03-26 Wedlock Society

Fred Allen 1941-04-02 One Long Pan Takes A Chance

Fred Allen 1941-04-16 Sleep

Fred Allen 1941-04-23 Radio, The Undoing Of Abner Snide

Fred Allen 1941-12-10 Death Valley Days

Fred Allen 1942-03-08 The Life Of Fred Allen

Fred Allen 1942-05-03 Freak Show Murder

Fred Allen 1942-05-10 The Cordon Of Nasty And Narrow

Fred Allen 1942-05-24 Vaudeville

Fred Allen 1942-06-07 English Radio Spoof

Fred Allen 1942-06-21 Mountain Justice

Fred Allen 1942-06-28 Vacation Plans

Fred Allen 1942-10-04 Poor Old Charlie

Fred Allen 1942-10-11 Shrimp Cocktail

Fred Allen 1942-10-18 Les Miserables

Fred Allen 1942-10-25 Courtin' Of Jenny Suggs

Fred Allen 1942-11-01 Guest Robert Benchley

Fred Allen 1942-11-15 BBC, Take It Or Leave It

Fred Allen 1942-11-29 Guest Adolphe Menjou

Fred Allen 1942-12-06 First Allen's Alley

Fred Allen 1943-01-03 Canned Goods Rationing

Fred Allen 1943-01-10 Guest Jack Benny

Fred Allen 1943-01-31 How Do You Feel About Dining Out

Fred Allen 1943-02-07 Phantom Of The Opera

Fred Allen 1943-02-28 Take It Or Leave It

Fred Allen 1943-04-04 Pointing The Finger

Fred Allen 1943-05-16 Raising Chickens

Fred Allen 1943-05-23 Fred's Biography

Fred Allen 1944-01-02 Loan Shark Problem

Fred Allen 1944-01-09 Fred Gets Hit By A Beer Barrel

Fred Allen 1944-01-23 Fish Shortage

Fred Allen 1944-03-19 The Life Of Ted Lewis

Fred Allen 1944-03-26 Benny Goodman Breaks Up His Band

Fred Allen 1944-04-02 Egg Surplus

Fred Allen 1944-04-09 Fetlock Bones

Fred Allen 1944-04-23 North Dakota

Fred Allen 1944-06-04 The Killers

Fred Allen 1944-06-11 South Dakota

Fred Allen 1945-10-07 Auditions

Fred Allen 1945-10-21 Hillbilly

Fred Allen 1945-10-28 Charlie McCarthy Sues Fred For Slander

Fred Allen 1945-11-04 Lost Memory

Fred Allen 1945-11-11 Mob Buster

Fred Allen 1945-11-18 Renting A House

Fred Allen 1945-11-25 Brooklyn Pinafore

Fred Allen 1945-12-16 Seeking A Radio Job

Fred Allen 1945-12-30 Radio Shows In Russia

Fred Allen 1946-01-06 Take It Or Leave It

Fred Allen 1946-01-13 Carmen

Fred Allen 1946-01-20 A Movie On Fred Allen's Life

Fred Allen 1946-02-03 Picadilly -Take Off On Oklahoma

Fred Allen 1946-02-24 Hillbilly Drama

Fred Allen 1946-03-03 Chicken Surplus

Fred Allen 1946-03-10 Guest Carmen Miranda

Fred Allen 1946-04-14 Brooklyn Pinafore II

Fred Allen 1946-04-28 Racing Form Trial

Fred Allen 1946-05-12 Cairo

Fred Allen 1946-05-26 King For A Day

Fred Allen 1946-06-23 50th Anniversary Of The Telephone Co

Fred Allen 1946-10-27 Breakfast Show

Fred Allen 1947-03-02 Murder In The Penthouse

Fred Allen 1947-03-16 Picadilly

Fred Allen 1947-03-23 Suing Fred Over Picadilly Copyrights

Fred Allen 1947-05-11 The Hollywood Mikado

Fred Allen 1947-05-25 Gimmick With A Microphone

Fred Allen 1947-06-15 Renting The Room

Fred Allen 1947-10-19 The Perfect Crime

Fred Allen 1947-10-26 The Haley And Allen Show

Fred Allen 1947-12-14 New Year's Eve Plans

Fred Allen 1947-12-21 New Year's Eve At The Carnival

Fred Allen 1947-12-28 Fred Sues To Return His Cuckoo Clock

Fred Allen 1948-01-04 Psychopathic Spectacular

Fred Allen 1948-01-18 Guest Beatrice Lillie

Fred Allen 1948-03-28 Husband And Wife Radio Show

Fred Allen 1948-04-11 One Long Pan Skit

Fred Allen 1948-04-18 Author Meets His Match

Fred Allen 1948-04-25 Scalping Baseball Tickets

Fred Allen 1948-05-02 JP Morgan Court Of Human Relations

Fred Allen 1948-05-09 Break The Contestant

Fred Allen 1948-05-23 Fred Wants To Do Bing's Life Story

Fred Allen 1948-06-06 Quiz Program And Soap Opera

Fred Allen 1948-06-27 Stop The Music

Fred Allen 1948-10-24 Prize For Listeners Missing Contest

Fred Allen 1948-11-07 Sam Shovel, Private Eye

Fred Allen 1948-11-28 George Tries To Get In The Roxy Theate

Fred Allen 1948-12-05 TV Commercials

Fred Allen 1948-12-26 Maine Murder Trial

Fred Allen 1949-01-09 Book Revue

Fred Allen 1949-01-23 Traveling Salesman

Fred Allen 1949-01-30 Howdy Doody

Fred Allen 1949-02-06 Planning A TV Show

Fred Allen 1949-02-13 Murder Case

Fred Allen 1949-03-20 Mob Buster

Fred Allen 1949-04-24 One Long Pan

Fred Allen 1949-05-01 Jamaica Race Track

Fred Allen 1949-05-22 Babysitting

Fred Allen 1949-06-26 Final Show

1930s Frank Sinatra & His Band

1940 Fred Interviews Superman Writer Jerry Siegal

371222 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight - ALT

400228 Life at the South Pole - ALT

400327 Who Killed Mack Borden - ALT

400327 Who Killed Mack Borden - ALT2 (Half Only)

411210 Death Valley Days - ALT

420510 The Cordon Of Nasty And Narrow - ALT

421018 Les Miserables - ALT

421018 Les Miserables - ALT2

421018 Les Miserables - ALT3

430516 Raising Chickens - ALT

440109 Fred Gets Hit by a Beer Barrel - ALT

451007 Auditions - ALT

451007 Auditions - ALT2

451028 Charlie McCarthy Sues Fred for Slander - ALT

451111 Mob Buster - ALT

451216 Seeking a Radio Job - ALT

460120 A Movie on Fred Allen's Life - ALT

460120 A Movie on Fred Allen's Life - ALT2

460414 Brooklyn Pinafore II - ALT

460414 Brooklyn Pinafore II - ALT2

460526 King for a Day - ALT

470323 Suing Fred Over Picadilly Copyrights - ALT

470511 The Hollywood Mikado - ALT

471026 The Haley and Allen Show - ALT

480104 Psychopathic Spectacular - ALT

480104 Psychopathic Spectacular - ALT2

480411 One Long Pan Skit - ALT

480418 Author Meets His Match - ALT

480418 Author Meets His Match - ALT2

480523 Fred Wants to do Bing's Life Story - ALT

480627 Stop the Music - Fragment

481107 Sam Shovel, Private Eye - ALT

481107 Sam Shovel, Private Eye - ALT2

490626 Final Show - ALT

490626 Final Show - ALT2

490626 Final Show - ALT3

Allen's Alley Etc

Benny & Allen Feud #1 of 6 The Vaudeville Days

Benny & Allen Feud #2 of 6 Reunited After 7 Years of Feuding

Benny & Allen Feud #3 of 6 Benny's Boulevard

Benny & Allen Feud #4 of 6 King for a Day

Benny & Allen Feud #5 of 6 Mammoth Department Store

Benny & Allen Feud #6 of 6 The Wright Brothers True Story

Biography in Sound 560529 A Portrait of Fred Allen (ALT)

Biography In Sound 560529 A Portrait of Fred Allen

Chase & Sanborn Anniversary 651114 Fred Allen Tribute Part 1

Chase & Sanborn Anniversary 651114 Fred Allen Tribute Part 2

Command Performance 460421 #218 Fred Allen

Information Please 401115 Guest Fred Allen

Living 1949 490130 The State Of American Humor

Philco Radio Hall Of Fame 4312xx Fred Allen's Return To Radi

Skits From Allen And Benny Shows

The Belmont Is On The Air 1948 First Show

Those Were The Days 991023 Tribute To Fred Allen

Today Show 640318 Salute to Fred Allen

With Frank Sinatra (451021), Leo Durocher (451125)

With Gregory Ratoff (470406), George Jessel (460121)

With Jack Benny (460526), Monte Woolley (471228)

With Lowell Thomas (461006), Tony Martin (461013)

With Orson Wells (460303), Carman Miranda (460310)

With Ray Milland (460324), Doc Rockwell (460317)

1965 04 13 Fred Allen WOR Jean Shepherd

CP_#004_42_03_18_Fred Allen, Kenny Baker, Gladys Swathout

CP_#098_43_12_20_ Fred Allen, Ginny Simms, Benny Goodman

CP_#135_44_08_26_Fred Allen, Jack Benny

CP_#148_44_11_01_ Bergen & McCarthy, Fred Allen

EBCM 450903 Guest- Fred Allen & Portland Hoffa

EBCM 450930 Fred Allen Portland Hoffa

EBCM 451021 Fred Allen

EBCM 461117 Guest-Fred Allen

EBCM 471102 Fred Allen

Fred Allen Theme 1943

Information Please 39-xx-xx Howard Lindsey, Fred Allen639132-2227m15s639132-

Information Please 40-11-15 Fred Allen1037748-4429m30s

Information Please 41-10-17 Fred Allen641532-2227m22s

Information Please 41-10-17 Fred Allen990148-4428m09s

Information Please 43-02-15 Fred Allen1029548-3229m16s

Information Please 44-12-25 Fred Allen, James Wallace655632-2427m58s

Information Please 45-02-12 Faith Baldwin, Fred Allen666832-1628m26s

Philco Radio Time 47-06-04 (034) Fred Allen and Connie Boswell (1)

Philco Radio Time 48-06-02 (072) Fred Allen and Joe Venuti

The Fred Allen Show 421018 for AFRS Guest Starring Orson Welles

The Fred Allen Show was a popular and long-running American old-time radio comedy program starring comedian Fred Allen and his wife Portland Hoffa. Over the course of the program's 17-year run, it was sponsored by Linit Bath Soaps, Hellmann's, Ipana, Sal Hepatica, Texaco and Tenderleaf Tea. The program ended in 1949 under the sponsorship of the Ford Motor Company. The most popular period of the program was the few years of sponsorship under The Texas Company. During this time, the program was known as Texaco Star Theatre with Fred Allen. On the December 6, 1942 episode of the program, Allen premiered his first in a series of segments known as "Allen's Alley". The segments would have Allen strolling through an imaginary neighborhood, knocking on the "doors" of various neighbors, including average-American John Doe (played by John Brown), Mrs. Nussbaum (Minerva Pious), pompous poet Falstaff Openshaw (Alan Reed), Titus Moody (Parker Fennelly), and boisterous southern senator Beauregard Claghorn (announcer Kenny Delmar). Texaco ended its sponsorship of the program in 1944. Some prominent guest stars on Allen's program over the years included Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles, Roy Rogers, Bela Lugosi, Ed Gardner, Norman Corwin and Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy.

Fred Allen, American comedian, radio host, game show panelist, and author (May 31, 1894 - March 17, 1956) was born John Florence Sullivan in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Irish Catholic parents. Known professionally as Fred Allen, he was host of the absurdist, topically pointed radio program The Fred Allen Show (1932-1949), which made him one of the most popular and forward-looking humorists in the Golden Age of American radio. His best-remembered gag was his long-running mock feud with friend and fellow comedian Jack Benny, but it was only part of his appeal; he was simultaneously radio's most admired comedian and the most frequently censored. A master ad libber, Allen often tangled with his network's executives (and often barbed them on the air over the battles) while developing routines whose style and substance influenced fellow comic talents, including Groucho Marx, Stan Freberg, Henry Morgan and Johnny Carson; his avowed fans also included President Franklin D. Roosevelt and novelists William Faulkner, John Steinbeck and Herman Wouk (who began his career writing for Allen). On March 17, 1956, he suffered a heart attack taking one of his regular late night strolls up New York's West 57th Street on Saturday night and died at the age of 61. Allen was honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for contributions to television and radio.