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Fidel Castro Documentaries DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive

Fidel Castro Documentaries DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
Fidel Castro Documentaries DVD, Video Download, USB Flash Drive
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The Life And Times Of Fidel Castro Packed Into 3 Enlightening TV Documentaries And 1 Historic Interview On 2 High Quality 9 Mbps Video Format All Regions DVDs!


Biography (CBS): Fidel Castro (Black and White, 24 Minutes)
Mike Wallace narrates this excellent overview of the life of an outstanding son of privilege who after a life of academic and athletic distinction as one of Cuba's youthful elite rose through the help of United States intelligence services to supreme power in Cuba, then betrayed his American supporters to align himself with the forces of Soviet communism. A documentary completed immediately preceding the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis, which Castro is now known to have deliberately tried to escalate to the level of ultimate nuclear confrontation.

In Conversation With Fidel Castro (Color, 49 Minutes)
CNN Founder Ted Turner conducts this fascinating, frank, cordial illuninating, surprising and historic 1990 interview of the then leading figure of Latin America's Communist countries by an American captain of industry and then leading figure of American cable news media.

Cuba: In The Shadow Of Doubt DVD Cuban History Raul Julia (Color, 58 Minutes)
Raul Julia narrates this even-handed yet critical investigative history of modern Cuba featuring exclusive interview footage of Fidel Castro and life inside his country.

The Last Communist (Color, 59 Minutes)
A careful and enlightening investigation of the history and legacy of the last remaining communist strongman standing as of the 1992 production date of this excellent installment of the venerable PBS documentary series "Frontline".