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Fibber McGee And Molly Complete Radio Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB

Fibber McGee And Molly Complete Radio Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB
Fibber McGee And Molly Complete Radio Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB
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Fibber McGee And Molly, America's Dearest Couple Next Door Perform In One Of The Great Situation Comedies Of All Time! 780 Half Hour Episodes Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 DVD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #FibberMcGeeAndMolly #MarianJordan #JimJordan #MarianJordan #GoldenAgeOfRadio #GoldenAgeOfRadioComedy #OldTimeRadio #OldTimeRadioComedy #OTR #OTRComedy #Radio #RadioComedy #WorldWarII #WorldWar2 #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #MP3 #DVD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


310600 Smackout

350416 The Motorcycle Cop, the Judge and Fibber

350430 Hot Dogs And A Blowout

350826 House Raffle

351209 Christmas Shopping

351230 New Year's Celebration

360302 Encyclopedia Salesman

360420 Street Car Motorman McGee

360504 The Haircut

370607 Lost Engagement Ring, The

371011 Wistful Vista Auto Show

371227 Heir To An Estate With Oil Wells

380124 McGee Minds A Baby

380207 McGee Builds A Fireplace

380214 The Justice Of The Peace

380307 The Pawn Broker

381129 Masquerade Party

381220 Christmas Shopping For McGee's Nephew

381227 Army Major McGee

390124 Missing Shirt Collar Button

390131 Military Advisor (First Show From Hollywood)

390207 Repairing Faulty Window Shade

390214 Out Of Coal In A Blizzard

390221 Rotowanis Club Banquet

390228 Mouse Problems

390307 McGee's Hamburger Joint

390314 Gildersleeve's Memory Course

390321 Fibber Thinks He's Going Bald

390328 Fibber Inherits A Yacht

390404 Antique Furniture

390411 Fibber Delivers The Mail

390418 The Budget (Molly Returns)

390425 Fibber Has An Astygmatism And Needs Glasses

390516 Zither Lessons

390523 Parrot In The Mail

390530 Escaped Convicts

390606 Mauler McGee The Wrestler

390613 Aunt Molly, The Newspaper Advice Columnist

390620 Fibber Has A Toothache

390905 Fibber Throws A Big Fish Fry

390912 Elopement on 15th Wedding Anniversary

390919 Gossip Columnist

390926 Fibber Fakes Illness To Avoid Fixing Screens

391003 Killer Canava's Autograph

391010 Rummage Sale Bazaar

391017 Raking Leaves

391024 Gildersleeve's Halloween Party

391031 Wistful Vista Auto Show

391107 Fibber Directs The Play 'Hiawatha'

391114 Parking Ticket Troubles

391121 Overdue Library Book

391128 Finance Company Problems

391205 Bon Ton Department Store Adjuster

391212 Jewelry Store Robbery -- Detective McGee

391219 Uncle Sycamore's Gift

391226 Gildersleeve Plays Butler

3XXXXX Old Muley Fishing Licenses

400102 Fibber Builds A Doghouse

400109 Gildersleeve's Suit

400116 Fibber's Car Is Stolen

400123 Radio Quiz Show

400130 Fibber's Old Suit

400206 Everyone Is Nice To Fibber

400213 Egyptian Good Luck Ring

400220 To Tell The Truth

400227 Fibber Catches A Cold

400305 Cleaning The Hall Closet (with Gracie Allen)

400312 Fibber Takes Molly Out To Lunch

400319 Dog License Problem

400326 Fibber Hires A Surveyor

400405 Dictionary

400409 Returning from acting in Lux Radio Theatre

400416 Big Ink Stain On Carpet

400423 Proper Picture Hanging Techniques

400430 McGee The Stage Director

400507 Caught In A Suit Of Armor

400512 Water Fight with Gildy

400514 McGee Sprays Gildersleeve With Garden Hose

400514 Turning The Garden Hose On Gildy

400521 McGee Gets A Job In A Hardware Store

400528 Circus Comes To Town

400604 The Big Spaghetti Dinner

400611 Trying To Hang Wallpaper

400618 Fibber Models A Dress For Molly

400625 Fibber Writes Music For Meredith Willson

401001 Back From Vacation

401008 Fibber Gives Up Cigars

401015 Missing Screwdriver

401022 Gildersleeve's Diary

401029 Driving To The Big Football Game

401105 Election Day

401112 Fibber's Black Eye

401119 Visiting Uncle Dennis

401126 Uncle Dennis Visits

401203 Shoveling Coal From Gildersleeve's Lawn

401210 Mailing Christmas Packages

401224 Gildersleeve's Christmas Present

401231 Fibber Finds A Gold Watch

410107 Fibber Gets a Hundred Dollar Bill

410121 Fibber Takes Piano Lessons

410204 Fibber Buys A New Suit And Steals A Hat

410211 Fibber Becomes A Watch Salesman

410218 McGees Try To Go To Bed Early

410225 Fibber's Bottle Collection

410304 The McGees Throw A Dinner Party

410311 Party Guests Quarantined From Teeny's Measles

410318 Fibber Get His Draft Notice

410325 Fibber Changes His Name

410401 Fibber's Car is Missing a Fender

410408 Fibber Takes Up Asronomy

410415 Fibber Thinks He Has Astigmatism

410422 A Night Out With The Boys

410429 Fibber Gets Stuck In Fresh Pavement

410506 Games And Books For The Army

410513 Fibber Throws a Big Fish Dinner

410520 Fibber Bakes Molly A Birthday Cake

410527 Gildersleeve's Ladder

410609 McGee's Can't Get Rid of Their Guests

410610 A Picture Of The McGees

410617 Amusement Park

410624 Leaving For Hollywood

410930 Back From Vacation In Alaska

411007 Fifty Thousand Dollar Deal

411014 Fire Commissioner McGee

411021 Finding Old Love Letters While Cleaning House

411104 New Furniture

411111 Premiere Of 'Look Who's Laughing'

411118 Mayor LaTrivia Won't Leave

411125 Investment In Cosmetic Clay

411202 Fibber Decides To Grow A Moustache

411202 The Mustache

411209 Forty Percent Off

411216 Fibber Cuts his Own Christmas Tree

411223 A Gift Of Door Chimes

411226 Fibber Cuts Down His Own Christmas Tree

411230 Fix-It McGee

411818 Unwelcome Major

420106 A Night Out On The Town

420113 Who Broke Uppy's Window Part 1

420120 Who Broke Uppy's Window Part 2

420127 The Blizzard

420203 Lost Diamond Ring

420210 Fibber Builds A Footstool For Molly

420210 Valentine Candy

420217 Home Movies

420224 Fibber Buys A Horse

420303 Boomer's Suitcase

420310 Fibber Builds a Footstool

420324 Fibber Writes A Song

420331 Soap Contest

420407 War Scrap Drive

420414 Spring Festival Parade

420421 Fibber Throws First Baseball At Season Opener

420428 McGee's Old Straw Hat

420505 Sugar Substitute

420512 Fibber Is Being Followed By A Spy

420519 Going To Be Rich

420526 Uncle Dennis Disappears, Part 1

420602 Uncle Dennis Disappears, Part 2

420609 Pot Roast

420616 A Mouse In The House

420623 Packing For Vacation

420929 Back From Vacation

421006 Otis Cadwallader

421013 Converting The Furnace

421020 Family Tree

421027 The Oldtimer Is A Fugitive

421103 Duck Hunting With LaTrivia

421110 Uppy's Nephew

421117 Twenty Thousand Dollar Sofa

421124 Fibber Getting In Condition

421201 Gas Rationing

421208 Women Are Taking Over

421215 Misplaced Christmas Money

421222 Listening To Christmas Carols

430105 Cutting Down Fibber's Old Suit For Molly

430112 Billy Mills Is Hospitalized

430119 Uppy Joins The WACs

430126 McGee The Author

430202 Cleaning The Hall Closet

430216 War Worker Shortage

430223 Poker Game

430302 Breakfast In Bed For Molly

430309 A Visit To The Dairy

430316 Fibber Reads His Horoscope

430323 Red Cross Volunteer, McGee

430330 Buying A Washing Machine

430406 Fibber Feels Ill (Doc Gamble's First Appearance)

430413 Uncle Sycamore's Radio Show

430420 Fibber Models A Dress For Molly

430427 Black Market Meat

430504 Fibber Changes His Name To Homer K Frink

430511 Fibber's New Barometer Predicts Snow

430518 Fibber Steals A Car

430525 Fibber's Idea For World Travel

430601 Fibber's Thumb Caught In Bowling Ball

430622 Camping At Dugan's Lake

430928 The McGees Go To The Movies

431005 Renting The Spare Room

431012 WAC Commission For Fred Nitney's Daughter

431102 Cleaning Doc Gamble's House (AFRS re-broadcast)

431109 Fibber Makes His Own Chili Sauce

431123 Etiquette Lessons From An 1877 Book

431130 Teeny's Missing Dog

431207 The War Is Not Almost Over

431221 Looking For A Christmas Tree

431228 A Fresh Start For The New Year

440111 Fibber Does His Income Taxes

440118 Molly Gets Flowers From A Man Named Ralph

440125 Dining Out To Celebrate

440201 Fibber Buys A Diamond Ring For $20

440208 Waiting For Ice Cream Delivery At Kramer's

440215 Fibber Has His Handwriting Analyzed

440307 Red Cross Speech On The Radio

440314 Dinner Party (Beulah Is Hired)

440321 Fibber Finds His Old Mandolin

440328 Fibber Has Pneumonia, Gildy and Leroy Visit

440404 Fibber Returns From Hospital After Pneumonia

440418 Fibber Thinks His Neighbor Is A German Spy

440425 Job Offer As A Cannery Executive

440502 Aunt Sarahs' Picture

440509 Alice Darling's New Boyfriend

440516 Policeman's Ball

440530 Old Muley Caught

440606 D-Day Broadcast

440613 Fixing The Porch Swing

440620 Getting Ready For Cattle Ranch

441010 Fibber Can't Find His Hip Boots

441017 Tapping A Tree For Maple Syrup

441024 Stranger Wants To Repay Four Dollar Debt

441031 Duck Hunter McGee

441114 Fibber Attends Night School

441121 Faking A Broken Rib To Avoid Housecleaning

441128 Wallace Wimple, Navy Physical Instructor

441205 Fibber Presses His Pants

441212 Quiz Show 'Smokes For Folks'

441219 Fibber Snoops For Presents In Closet

441226 Fibber Controls His Temper

450102 The Diamond Stickpin

450109 Mushrooms Or Toadstools

450116 Hot Water Shortage

450123 Fibber's Big Project To Burn Off Excess Energy

450130 Housing A Sailor For The Night

450206 The Case Of The Cross-Eyed Cat

450213 Fibber Tunes The Piano

450220 Catching A Train

450227 Collecting For The Red Cross

450306 Golden Anniversary Party

450313 Visit From An Old Cattleman Friend

450320 Fixing The Radio

450327 Giving Doc Gamble's Clothes Away

450403 McGee The Poet

450410 Newspaper Delivery Problems

450417 The Bank Statement

450424 Hitching A Ride To The Elks Club

450428 War Time Cancer Show

450501 Briefcase Bronson Is On The Loose

450508 Housing Shortage Survey On V-E Day

450515 Fibber Buys A Trunk At An Auction

450522 Seventh War Bond Drive

450529 Starting Mrs Carstairs' Power Lawn Mower

450605 Cleaning The Hall Closet

450605 Cleaning The Hall Closet (2nd Show)

450612 McGee The Magician

450619 Big Financial Plans With Mrs Carstairs

450626 Spending Summer On A Houseboat

450901 McGee Brings Home Mushrooms

450928 Unknown Title

451002 Welcoming LaTrivia Home From War

451009 Shopping For A Used Car

451016 No Train Reservation For Mrs Carstairs

451023 Cousin Ernest Comes For Dinner (AFRS)

451030 Fibber The Sculptor

451106 Fibber Makes Fudge

451113 Teaching Molly To Drive

451120 Architect McGee, Construction Supervisor

451127 Fibber Chops Down The Old Oak Tree

451204 Winter Walk To Dugan's Lake

451211 Fibber Thinks He's The Governor's Pal

451216 Fibber Cuts His Own Christmas Tree

451218 Fibber Paints The Christmas Tree White

451225 Doc's Gift To McGee

460101 Tall Story Contest

460108 Fibber Wants To Win A Bean-Counting Contest

460115 Fibber Finds A Treasure Map

460122 Re-enacting A Robbery For Pioneer Day

460129 Molly's Card Party

460205 Skating At Dugan's Lake

460212 Fibber's New Suit

460219 Doc And Fibber Dine At Joe's Gravy Bowl

460226 Fibber Loses His Fountain Pen

460305 Fibber Reports His Car As Stolen

460312 Kite Flying Contest With Doc Gamble

460319 Fibber is Red Cross Chairman

460326 Bullets Brannigan Has Escaped

460402 Protecto-Rejecto Switch

460409 Cousin Salvador Visits

460416 Salvador Works On Antique Table

460423 Living To 150 By Eating Healthy

460430 Barbershop Quartet

460507 Catching Old Muley At Dugan's Lake

460511 Going Fishing

460514 Political Campaign For City Council

460521 Fireball McGee

460528 Wedding Anniversary

460604 Aviation Show

460611 Two Week Fishing Trip Without Molly

461001 Doc Gives McGee Placebos For His Illness

461008 Bull Moran And The Skunk Incident

461015 Checking The City Water Through A Microscope

461022 Buying New Shoe Laces

461029 Dinner Party

461105 McGees Visit Johnson's Wax Headquarters

461112 Visit From Ronald Colman

461119 Fibber Invents A Football Play

461126 A Prowler Is Following Fifi Tremaine

461203 Fibber Fights Bank Over $19

461210 Getting LaTrivia And Doc To Fight Over Fifi

461217 Fibber Tans Himself With A Sun Lamp

461224 Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children

461231 New Year's Eve Party With Fred Waring

470107 Fibber Joins Posse To Find Escaped Convicts

470114 Package At The Post Office

470121 House Alteration -- Looking For An Architect

470128 Waiting For A Bus

470204 Baby-Sitting With Teeny

470211 Fibber's Model Airplane

470218 Fibber Collects Doc Gamble's Bills

470225 Fibber Fixes A Window

470304 Fibber Isn't Getting His Mail

470311 Man's Untapped Energies

470318 Waiting Outside The Drugstore In The Rain

470325 Home Power Plant

470401 Traffic Citations -- Safe Driving Campaign

470408 Molly's Twisted Ankle

470415 1880 Quarter

470422 Street Carnival

470429 Thelma Graham Visits Molly

470506 Trouble With Grammar

470513 Smuggled Irish Tweed

470520 Fibber Is Interviewed By A Tax Assessor

470527 Shrimps McGee -- Old Family Recipe

470603 Citizenship Test

470610 Picnic At Dugan's Lake

470617 Old Friend Homer Pays A Debt

470624 Waring Summer Replacement

471007 Anniversary Of Football Game - First Date

471014 Teeny's Kitty Is Under The Porch

471021 Late Car Payment

471028 Big Deal At The Farm

471104 Fibber Gets Weighed

471111 Inflatable Raft From Army Surplus Store

471118 The Phone Call

471125 Painting The Kitchen

471202 Duck Hunting Trip

471209 Gazette Interview

471216 Making A Fruit Cake From Family Recipe

471223 Fibber Loses His Key Ring In The Snow

471230 Ten Dollar Gift Certificate From Aunt Sarah

480106 Fibber's Magic Act

480113 Fibber Invents The Cartable Radio

480120 Molly's Bread And Butter Pickles

480127 Fibber Loses The Laundry Bundle

480203 Fibber Makes A New Table Lamp

480210 Fibber Finds His Childhood Sled

480217 Big Bucks For Horatio Alger Books

480224 Fibber Radios Philippines To Collect A $7 Debt

480302 Volunteering For Jury Duty

480309 Broken Card Table

480316 Telegram From George Marshall

480323 Molly's Easter Dress Creation

480330 Overnight Trip To A Small Hotel

480406 Fixing Doc's Car

480413 New Fire Alarm Box

480420 Ceramics

480427 Passenger Pigeon Trap

480504 Selling The House

480511 Fishing Season Opens

480518 Making Cologne

480525 Molly's Toothache

480601 McGee's Tune

480608 Waring Summer Replacement

481005 Pressed Pants

481012 Quitting Smoking

481019 The Portable Radio

481026 The Late Lawn

481109 Upholstering The Couch

481116 Bowling Night

481123 Doc's Pheasants For Dinner

481130 Street Light Is Burned Out

481207 Early Christmas Shopping

481214 The 35 Pound Salmon

481221 Christmas Card From Elizabeth

481228 Country Club Dance

490104 Weather Stripping

490111 Sleigh Ride

490118 Money In A Shoebox

490125 Rehearsal For Johnson's Wax Quiz Commercial

490125 The Laundromat

490201 Good Listener McGee

490208 Molly's Birthday Party

490215 Finding Hairdresser at 1414 14th Street

490222 Fibber Lies To A Stranger About His Wealth

490301 The Abandoned Jalopy

490308 The Elks' Club Mortgage

490315 Doc Gamble Day

490322 Dressmaker's Dummy

490329 Thousand Pound Inheritance

490405 Kramer's Cash Register

490412 Fibber's New Pipe

490419 The New Fire Truck

490426 The Time Organizer

490503 'Do A Good Turn' McGee

490510 A New House For Olie

490512 McGee's New Pipe

490517 Doc's New Suit

490524 Fibber Writes A Movie Script

490531 Canoe Trip

490913 Fifteenth Anniversary Show

490920 15th Anniversary Program

490927 The Fish Dinner

491004 The Umbrella Stand

491011 Making Cloth Out Of Paper

491018 Community Chest Bazaar

491025 Concert Goers

491101 Trolley Rider

491108 Cuckoo Clock

491115 Stuck In The Grating

491122 Tax Bill

491129 The Bargain Inner Tube

491206 Making Christmas Cards

491213 Man Of The Year Swindle

491220 Best Christmas Decorations

491227 Trip To Rich Aunt Sarah's

500103 At Aunt Sarah's

500110 McGees Help Out At Walt's Malt Shoppe

500117 Fibber Cuts Down The Old Jesse James Tree

500124 Fibber Can't Decide What Kind Of Suit To Buy

500131 The Gang Goes For A Sleigh Ride

500207 Molly Is Asked To Run For City Council

500214 Looking For Lost Tubes Of Radium

500221 Fibber Is Sued When Dog Bites Mailman

500228 Mayor LaTrivia's Party

500307 Ole Swenson is Kidnapped

500314 Fibber Builds A Guest House

500321 Pruning The Shade Tree

500328 Flying Saucer Lands In McGees Yard

500404 Fibber, The Census Taker

500411 Running The General Store

500418 Something Fell Off The Car

500425 Fibber Plans A Dance At The Elk's Club

500502 Fishing Trip

500509 Circus Day

500516 Picnic In The Orchard

500523 Cowpuncher McGee The Ranch Foreman

500621 Dog Bites Mailman

500919 Chicken Barbecue

500926 Night School chemistry

501003 Stomache Ache

501010 The Con Men

501017 Snapshot Contest

501024 The Real Estate Deal

501031 The Ukulele Course

501107 Fibber Needs Glasses

501114 The $100,000 Postage Stamp

501121 Aunt Jennie

501128 The Parking Meter

501205 Dinner At LaTrivia's

501212 Bank Night At The Bijou

501219 Fibber The Postman

501226 Shovelling Snow

510102 Fixing Teeny's Sled

510109 Mailing Circulars

510116 City Hall Grass

510123 Fibber's Personal Belongings

510130 Skating Party On Dugan's Lake

510206 National Pancake Week

510213 The Nasty Letter

510220 Express Company Bandits

510225 Bottles

510227 Trip To Peoria

510306 Molly's Checkup

510313 Antique Vase

510320 Good Deeds

510327 Surprise Party For Fibber And Molly

510403 McGee Declared Well

510410 The Gas Bill

510417 The Grocery Budget

510424 Soapbox Derby Racer For Teeny

510501 Hitchhiking Bureau

510508 McGee The Artist

510515 Hole In One

510522 Fibber Runs Red Light, Turns Himself In

510529 Letter Trapped In Mailbox By Bird's Nest

510605 New Fish Bait

510612 Businessmen's Symphony

511002 Trip To Omaha For Community Chest Rally

511009 Community Chest Rally In Omaha

511016 Teeny Needs To Go To The Dentist

511023 Fibber Cooks Dinner For Molly's Birthday

511030 Young Fireball, The McGees' New Dog

511106 Fibber Sells An Old Raccoon Coat

511113 Duck Hunter McGee

511120 Some Like It Hot

511127 Chaperones

511204 Floorwalker McGee

511211 Detective McGee

511218 Big Pool Match At Elks Club

511225 The Spirit Of Giving

520101 Visiting Friends On New Year's Day

520108 Rumors

520115 Rummage Sale

520122 Locked Out

520129 McGee Plays Cupid

520205 Paying The Bills

520212 Braiding A Rug

520219 Fibber Gets A Letter From The IRS

520226 Pancake Day

520304 Fixing The Back Step

520311 Twentieth Anniversary On NBC

520318 Statue Of Buckshot McGee

520325 Running Kramer's Drug Store

520401 Selling Umbrellas During A Heat Wave

520408 The Perilous Horoscope

520415 All You Can Eat For One Dollar

520422 Traffic Court

520429 Potted Plant and Pet Show

520506 Picnic At Dugan's Lake

520513 Fibber Tunes the Piano

520520 At The Carnival

520527 Fibber's Annual Checkup

520603 Fibber Does A Singing Commercial

520610 McGee The Political Worker

521007 Molly's Rich Friend Gert Visits

521014 Stock In The Transit Company

521021 Post Office Box Key

521028 The Giant Grizzly

521111 McGee's Fruit Punch

521118 The Missing Umbrella

521125 Polishing Doc's Car Blindfolded

521202 Bowling Team Championship

521209 Fibber Buys Molly A New Hat

521216 Exchanging Christmas Gift From Wallace Wimple

521223 Surprise Christmas Party For Doc Gamble

521230 New Year's Dance At The Country Club

530106 Reunion With Fred Nitney

530113 Fibber Buys A Puppy

530120 Fibber Writes A Book 'Inside Wistful Vista'

530127 McGee's Giant Icicle

530203 Installing A Wall Safe

530210 The New Courteous McGee

530217 Fibber Minds Doc's Office

530224 McGee The Artist

530226 Lost Cat Ad

530303 Breakfast In Bed For Molly

530310 Something Fell Off The Car

530317 Reward For a Noble Deed

530324 Fibber's Lucky Day

530331 McGee, the Hypnotist

530407 Elks' Club Vaudeville Show

530414 Fibber Is On the Lam

530421 Fibber Is On the Lam

530428 The Old Stuffed Moose Head

530505 Fibber Helps a Lady at 14th and Oak

530512 Ole's Brother From Sweden

530519 Old Law To Avoid Paying Taxes

530526 Bodybuilding to Fight Hector

530602 Lost Cat Ad

530609 Traffic Safety Campaign

530616 Molly's Lunch Date With Al Bennington

530623 Ground Observer Corps

530630 Fishing Trip

531005 Hanging Aunt Sarah's Picture

531006 Letter To The Postmaster

531007 Buying A Parakeet

531008 Teaching The Parakeet To Talk

531009 Buying Shampoo At Kramer's Drug Store

531012 Awaiting A Phone Call

531013 Preparing Executive Club Speech

531014 Buying A Suit For The Luncheon

531015 Biography For Luncheon

531016 Fibber Hoarse Molly Speaks

531019 Ribbon On Finger To Recall What

531020 Taking Molly Out Dining And Dancing

531021 Luggage Shopping For Trip To See Aunt Sarah

531022 Packing For Trip To See Aunt Sarah

531023 Further Trip Preparations

531026 Fibber Gets Lost On The Train

531027 Seeking Aunt Sarah's House

531028 Overnight In The Wrong House

531029 Who Is FC

531030 Trick Or Treating With Teeny

531102 Trying To Catch Phantom Burglar

531103 Phantom Burglar Nabbed

531104 Buying And Installing A Lock

531105 Shoe Repair Shop

531106 Parakeet's Preference

531109 Buying Teeny's Gift At The Bon-Ton

531110 Preparation For Duck Hunting

531111 Fibber Looks For His Hunting License

531112 Buying Food For The Hunting Trip

531113 Leaving For Lake Wapahokey

531116 Hunting Trip Spoiled By Rain

531117 Duck Hunting Is Successful

531118 The Happy Hunter Returns Home

531119 Fibber Goes To Bed At Seven O'Clock

531120 Christmas Fund

531123 Phony Ring Investment

531124 Selling Doc The Ring

531125 Autumn Leaves Drive

531130 Fifty-Six Years Bad Luck (8 Broken Mirrors)

531201 Enters Photo Contest

531201 Fibber Enters A Photo Contest

531202 Candid Camera Fiend

531203 Fibber Develops His Own Film

531204 Fibber Loses A Photo Worth $75

531207 75 Dollar Photo Found

531208 Fibber Gets A Call From Washington

531209 Fibber Misses Call

531210 Party Line Blocks Call

531211 Call Comes Through

531214 The McGees Hire A Cleaning Lady

531215 Molly Loses An Earring

531216 Christmas Shopping

531217 Fibber Raises Over $30 For Molly's Women's Club

531218 The McGees Get A Tax Refund

531221 Mailing Aunt Sarah's Gift

531222 Haggling Over A Christmas Tree

531223 Doc Helps Decorate The McGees' Christmas Tree

531224 Laura The Lopsided Pine Tree

531225 Spending Christmas At Home

531228 Planning Elks' Club New Year's Party

531229 Exchanging Gifts At The Bon-Ton

531230 Fibber Revives His Vaudeville Act

531231 Elks' Club Extravaganza

540101 A Quiet New Year's Day At Home

540118 The Citizen X Contest Continues

540119 Fibber Works On Toaster To Forget Contest

540120 Everybody Wants To Tail Fibber's Clues

540121 Fibber's Cigar Ashes

540122 It's Fibber's Birthday

540125 Molly Is Citizen X

540126 Tight-Lipped McGee

540127 The Three-Dollar Lawsuit

540128 Going To See 'South Atlantic'

540129 Fibber The Plumber

540201 Fibber's Bank Statement

540202 Redecorating The Servicemen's Center

540203 The Boys Go To Work

540204 Writing Checks With Teeny's Ink

540205 Disposing Of The Christmas Tree

540208 McGee's New Dial Phone

540209 New Neighbor Frank Ingram

540210 House Rental Agent McGee

540211 Advertising The House For Rent

540212 House Almost Rented

540215 What's In The Attic

540216 Installing A Light In Fibber's Closet

540217 The House Is Finally Rented

540218 Molly Is Caught In The Attic

540219 Fibber Sleeps Through 'Two Gun Justice'

540222 Celebrating Washington's Birthday

540223 Tall Tale McGee

540225 Eight Year Old Newspaper

540226 Fibber's High School Athletic Trophy

540301 Trouble With The Bon Ton Parking Valet

540302 Federal Income Tax Preparation

540303 McGee's Lucky Day

540304 The McGee Jet Ketchup Gun

540305 Ketchup Representative Comes

540308 The Envelope Swindle

540309 Fibber Wants To Run A Variety Store

540310 Fibber Manages Quilby's Variety Store

540311 Business Is Dull

540312 Promoting Business

540315 Further Business Promotions

540319 Fibber Helps Molly With Club Luncheon

540330 Voting For Congressman

540331 Buying A Thousand Bricks

540402 Building A Barbecue

540405 Wimple Helps With Barbecue

540407 Sleep Walker McGee

540408 Fibber Loses A Coat Button

540409 Fibber Exchanges Buttons

540412 Turning Fibber In

540413 Hiring A Lawyer

540414 Freeway Ride

540415 Jewel Robbery Is Solved

540416 Dying Twelve Dozen Easter Eggs

540419 Indian Scout McGee

540420 Fibber Prepares For Hike

540421 Nature Hike

540422 Forty Thousand Copies Of 'Partly True'

540423 Unloading Forty Thousand Magazines

540426 Fibber's Old Suit

540427 Stung By A Wasp

540428 Tennis Player McGee

540429 City Orders Oak Tree Cut

540430 Cutting Down Old Oak Tree

540503 New Shoes

540504 McGee's Hiccups

540505 An Orchid Plant For Doc

540506 Minding Teeny For An Evening

540507 Carver's Coffee Slogan Contest

540510 Plans To Return To School

540511 Fibber Meets Clobberhead Jones

540513 Flash Breaks Coffee Maker

540514 Sues For Alienating Flash's Affections

540517 Fibber On Trial

540707 Trouble with the Law

550331 Wistful Vista's Snowy Owl

551010 Breaking In Fibber's New Shoes

551011 Picking Up Fibber At A Phone Booth

551222 Opening Doc's Christmas Cards

570616 (c) McGee Paints A Fly

570831 (b) Reminiscing - Peoria Lifeguard

570915 (d) Teeny Is Only Customer At Restaurant Opening

571005 (c) Labeling Plants In The Yard

571006 (b) When Fibber And Molly First Met

571020 (b) Storm Window Installation

571020 (e) Automatic Tree Shaker

571027 (bcd) Taking Molly Duck Hunting

571102 Daydreaming About Different Occupations

571103 (c) Teeny Asks For Fibber's Help With Homework

571116 Daydreaming About Living In Other Places

571123 Fibber Tries To Get In The Newspaper

571201 Fibber Takes A Correspondence Course In Law

571207 Tax Problems

571214 Molly Plans A Trip To Peoria

571215 (cde) Attending A Football Game

571221 (abcd) Thanksgiving

571229 The McGees Go Bowling

580104 (a) Birthday Breakfast For Molly

580111 (abcd) Uranium-Rich Uncle Elrod

580119 Taking A Memory Course

580125 National Prosperity Week

580208 Renewing Marriage Vows

580329 Taking An Efficiency Course

580330 (e) Ten Day Miami Trip

580330 Florida Vacation

580405 Contests

580405 Soap Contest Jingle

580426 It's YMCA Week

580427 (b) Lincoln And Valentine's Day

581108(a) New Car - Molly Wants A New Car

581108(b) New Car - No Trade

581108(e) New Car - Old Car Kept

581123 National Dog Week

581220 Fibber Builds A Hi-Fi Set

581221 Fibber's Letter To Aunt Sarah

581227 McGee The Poet

590207 An Autumn Drive

590315(d) Blizzard - Blackout Panic

590315(e) Blizzard - Fair And Warmer

590509(a) Burbank-Girl Scouts - Celebration

590509(b) Burbank-Girl Scouts - A Gross Of Flower Pots

590509(c) Burbank-Girl Scouts - Wrong Birth Date

590509(d) Burbank-Girl Scouts - Girl Scout Leader Volunteer

590529 (XXXX) Birds Nest In The Mail Box

XXXXXX Fibber's Idea

XXXXXX Interview With Jim Jordan

Amos&Andy430903 Amos In Hospital (with Fibber & Molly)

Amos&Andy470204 Amos Is Missing (w Fibber McGee & Molly

BOB HOPE SHOW 471118 Fibber McGee & Molly, Amos & Andy

Fibber 520513 (0697) Fibber Tunes Piano

Fibber McGee & Molly - Give Bonds for Christmas Ad 411207

Fibber McGee & Molly 420407 - Buy Only Essentials

Fibber McGee & Molly 420407

Fibber McGee & Molly_Theme

FMM 41-03-09 Screen Guild Theatre with Fibber McGee and Molly

Gildersleeve 41-12-21 017 Christmas Gift for Fibber McGee

Gildersleeve 43-01-10 064 Fibber McGee and Molly Visit

Gildersleeve 44-09-17 135 McGee's Invention

Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre with Fibber and Molly - 1947

OTR Commercial Johnsons Glo-Coat Wax Fibber McGee and Molly #1

OTR Commercial Johnsons Glo-Coat Wax Fibber McGee and Molly #2

Philco Radio Time 47-03-12 - 022 - Fibber McGee & Molly

Philco Radio Time 48-04-14 (065) Fibber McGee and Molly (1)

Sealtest VT 0014 48-12-16 Fibber McGee And Molly

Fibber McGee and Molly was a 1935-1959 American radio comedy series. The situation comedy was a staple of the NBC Red Network from 1936 on, after originating on NBC Blue in 1935. One of the most popular and enduring radio series of its time, it ran as a stand-alone series from 1935 to 1956, and then continued as a short-form series as part of the weekend Monitor from 1957 to 1959. The title characters were created and portrayed by Jim and Marian Jordan, a husband-and-wife team that had been working in radio since the 1920s. Fibber McGee and Molly, which followed up the Jordans' previous radio sitcom Smackout, followed the adventures of a working-class couple, the habitual storyteller Fibber McGee and his sometimes terse but always loving wife Molly, living among their numerous neighbors and acquaintances in the community of Wistful Vista. As with most radio comedies of the era, Fibber McGee and Molly featured an announcer, house band and vocal quartet for interludes. At the peak of the show's success in the 1940s, it was adapted into a string of feature films. A 1959 attempt to adapt the series to television with a different cast and new writers was both a critical and commercial failure, which, coupled with Marian Jordan's death shortly thereafter, brought the series to a finish.