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Ezra Pound: In Peace And War DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Flash Drive

Ezra Pound: In Peace And War DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Flash Drive
Ezra Pound: In Peace And War DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Flash Drive
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One Of America's Greatest Poets Who Was Also One Of Its Most Infamous Propaganda Broadcasters! An Analysis Of A Tragically Flawed Genius' Life And Work And A Complete World War II Propaganda Broadcast In All Regions DVD Format.


A careful, even-handed, critical and nonetheless empathetic analysis of a man of great poetic genius and tragically arrogant misjudgement. His excellent poetry is analyzed and explained, his life experiences recounted, and his merit firmly established; nevertheless, his anti-semetism and pro-fascist sentiments are well exposed, and his naivete and moral judgement received an honest and well merited condemnation.

A complete episode of one of Pound's English language addresses to the people of the United States from Italy during the period of World War II when both countries were at war with each other about the American constitution and Pound's criticisms of Franklin Roosevelt and all those that he believed were subverting it. It was mostly on the strength of broadcasts such as this one that Pound was arraigned in Washington D.C. for treason in 1945. J. C. Kaelin obtained the source media for this broadcast from a trip he made to the National Archives in 1997, and through extensive digital remastering which took several full days to accomplish managed to make the broadcast even and clearly audible for the first time since it was broadcasted. An extraordary insight into Pound's mind, motives and politics.

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