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Edward R. Murrow: The Government Information Films DVD, Download, USB

Edward R. Murrow: The Government Information Films DVD, Download, USB
Edward R. Murrow: The Government Information Films DVD, Download, USB
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Edward R. Murrow In Three Government Information Films He Variously Hosted, Narrated And Produced For The Nations Of Great Britain And The United States, Presented In The Highest Quality DVD Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS And Manufactured As An All Regions Format DVD!

A British Ministry Of Information film released by the U.S. Office Of War Information hosted and narrated by Edward R. Murrow, then a CBS News correspondent, concerning the segment of Britain's land mass closest to German occupied Europe during World War II.

SURVIVAL UNDER ATOMIC ATTACK (Black and White, 1951, 8:45)
Edward R. Murrow narrates this film for the U.S. Office of Civil Defense that seeks to educate its audience about the destructive power of nuclear weapons, to explain the associate phenomenon of nuclear radiation, and to assure the public that they will be safe as long as they follow proper procedures. Very much a time capsule of the attitudes of this era.

COLD WAR: THE CHALLENGE OF IDEAS (Black and White, 1961, 29:34)
Edward R. Murrow, then head of United States Information Agency appointed by President John F. Kennedy, hosts this film produced with the cooperation of the U.S. Army Pictorical Center, which explains with the help of John Wayne, Lowell Thomas, Frank McGee, Helen Hayes and others the global idealogical battle between the United States. and the Soviet Union at that time. A one-of-a-kind film of the sort not to be seen recreated in our day.

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