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Dispelling Witches: What Witchcraft Is + Salem Witch Trials MP4 DVD

Dispelling Witches: What Witchcraft Is + Salem Witch Trials MP4 DVD
Dispelling Witches: What Witchcraft Is + Salem Witch Trials MP4 DVD
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An American History Of What Is And Isn't Witchcraft, Hosted And Narrated By Jack Perkins (Color, 1993, 48 Minutes), PLUS BONUS TITLE: YOU ARE THERE: AUGUST, 1692, An Episode Of The CBS News Historical Drama Television Series Hosted And Narrated By Venerable CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite (Black/White, 1955, 26 Minutes) -- All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD!

*May 7, 2024: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With YOU ARE THERE: AUGUST, 1692, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To An Archival Quality Dual Layer Format DVD!

For thousands of years, one of the most enduring symbols of evil has been the witch. What do you see in your mind's eye when you hear the word "witch"? An old hag dressed in black, a wart on her nose, flying on a broomstick, or bone-chilling cackles striking fear into hearts? That is the steretypical witch that we've come to know and despise from fairy tales. But - in real life - people of all shapes and sizes have been accused of being witches, and sometimes their stories are are more terrifying than any in Mother Goose. In this documentary, you'll hear some of them! From persecuted innocents such as those of the Salem Witch Trials and colonial Virginia's "Witch Of Pungo" Grace Sherwood; Louisiana Voodoo, a syncretism between the traditional religions of West Africa, Roman Catholicism and Haitian Vodou which the Roman Catholic Church specifically does not condemn; the Pow-Wow folk magic of the Pennsylvania Dutch; the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer by John Blymire and his accomplices John Curry and Wilbert Hess who were driven to the act by the Pow-Wow "River Witch Of Marietta" Nellie Noll; Neopagans and Wiccans who have nothing to do with black magic and Satanists who do; all have been lumped together in a tangled hodge-podge confusion which this documentary goes the distance in detangling.