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Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side (1969) MP3 Download CD

Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side (1969) MP3 Download CD
Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side (1969) MP3 Download CD
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Dick Gregory: The Light Side: The Dark Side (1969), The Return To The Speaking Circuit Of Dick Gregory, African American Comedian, Civil Rights Activist, Social Critic, Writer, Entrepreneur, Conspiracy Researcher And Actor, Following His 1968 Run For The Presidency Of The United States! The Complete Two-Record Album Set, Presented As An MP3 Audio Download Or Archival Quality MP3 CD!


Dick Gregory 01 Introduction

Dick Gregory 02 Black Progress

Dick Gregory 03 Young Moral Dedication

Dick Gregory 04 Moral Gap

Dick Gregory 05 Assissinations

Dick Gregory 06 Propery Rights, Human Rights

Dick Gregory 07 Draft Resisters

Dick Gregory 08 Learing to Live

Dick Gregory 09 White Racist Institutions

Dick Gregory 10 Black Rioters

Dick Gregory 11 American History

Dick Gregory 12 Black Attitudes

Dick Gregory 13 Black Progress

Dick Gregory 14 The Concerned Honky Law

Dick Gregory 15 Atmosphere of Trust

Dick Gregory 16 Presidential Campaign

Dick Gregory 17 White Brother

Album Review: The end of the '60s was a time of changing cultural and moral values, especially when it came to matters of race, so it's natural that 1969 would see the return of Dick Gregory to the speaking circuit, following his run for the White House. This two-record set finds Gregory ruminating on a number of topics, mostly political: how young people can make a difference, as evidenced by what happened at the Republican convention; how it's more important to learn how to live than it is to be indoctrinated by society and the educational system; and about the link between the black riots and the section in the Declaration of Independence calling on the people to rise up against a government that has become corrupt and destructive. The audience doesn't seem to know how to react in a lot of places -- they don't laugh at bits that are absurdly funny, and they certainly bite their tongues when Gregory hammers points a little bit too close to home (like his recurring riff about how the country was built on land stolen from the native people, his incredulousness that white America would ask black people to practice non-violence while simultaneously napalming civilians overseas, and pointing out the similarities between black rioters and the colonists who originally rose up against the British).