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Damn The Defiant! 1962 Royal Navy Napoleonic Wars DVD, Download, USB

Damn The Defiant! 1962 Royal Navy Napoleonic Wars DVD, Download, USB
Damn The Defiant! 1962 Royal Navy Napoleonic Wars DVD, Download, USB
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The 1962 Military History Adventure Film Where Fighting Napoleon On The High Seas Meets The Enemy Within For The British Navy!


Next to Hell, serving in the British Navy was, for much of its history prior to the twentieth century, as bad fate as a man could have. Terrible living and working conditions for men impressed rather than inducted into its service was all that such a life could offer - that, and the opportunity to fight for one's country. It is over this latter consideration that the the terribly treated men in this adventure thriller must wrestle, within their consciences and with their commanders, when time comes both to the fight the French on the high seas and to wage a strike against the British Navy over their squalid working conditions - in other words, to fight the enemy or to mutiny. Based loosely on both the Great Mutiny of 1797 and the mutiny of the crew of H.M.S. Bounty, the drama is crowned by the struggle between the strong and benevolent Captain Crawford of H.M.S. Defiant (Alec Guinness) and his insubordinate sadistic Lieutenant Scott-Padget (Dirk Bogarde), and it is the high drama between them that the plot of the mutineers lead by Vizard (Anthony Quayle) is fixed. Excellent naval battle scenes throughout the film make an equal match for the tension between the principal actors (1970, Color, 1:41).

Lewis Gilbert

Frank Tilsley (Novel)
Nigel Kneale, Edmund H. North (Screenplay)

Alec Guinness ... Captain Crawford
Dirk Bogarde ... Lieut. Scott-Padget
Maurice Denham ... Mr. Goss (Ship's Surgeon)
Nigel Stock ... Senior Midshipman Kilpatrick
Richard Carpenter ... Lieut. Ponsonby
Peter Gill ... Lieut. D'Arblay
David Robinson ... Midshipman Harvey Crawford
Robin Stewart ... Midshipman Pardoe
Ray Brooks ... Hayes
Peter Greenspan ... Johnson
Anthony Quayle ... Vizard
Tom Bell ... Evans
Murray Melvin ... Percival Wagstaffe
Victor Maddern ... Bosun Dawlish
Bryan Pringle ... Marine Sgt. Kneebone

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