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Warner-Pathe Newsreels Video Collection DVD, MP4 Download, USB Stick

Warner-Pathe Newsreels Video Collection DVD, MP4 Download, USB Stick
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12 Hours Of Newsreel Stories Reformatted For Classroom Presentation Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #WarnerPatheNewsreels #Newsreels #WarnerPathe #Movies #Film #MotionPictures #Cinema #Hollywood #AmericanCinema #USCinema #CinemaOfTheUS #News #MovieNews #Journalism #FilmJournalism #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive



1949: Niagara Falls, Gen. Marshall Congressional appearance, Berlin Airlift Anniversary, Office Fashions, San Francisco fire

April 1950 (2 versions): UN Forces at Korean 38th parallel, UN Ppeace meeting in Santiago, US normalizes relations with Franco, Defense Sec. Marshall swears in 700 civil defense workers, VP Alben Barkley sets congressional service record, Canberra jet bomber christened, Italian countess creations, Skater Dick Button wins championship, Confederate Gen. James Moore dies at 99, Historic America

October 1950: UN Opens 3rd session, UN Forces invade Korea's Port of Inchon, Formosa (Taiwan), Mt. Sinai religioius texts preserved (including one in Mohammed's hand), Automated cow milking, Soap sculptures, Swiss gliders, Fairchild XZ-120 Cargo Plane, B-36 premieres, Fanny Blankers-Koen fastest "woman in the world", Art Larsen tennis champion, Theodore Roosevelt biography

December 1950: Assassination attempt on President Truman, Failed coup in Puerto Rico, UN President Trygve Lie re-elected, King Gustav of Sweden's funeral, Al Jolson's funeral, Britain's repaired House of Commons reopens, Women trapshooters, 1948 Eniwetok Atomic Test film segments declassified

December 1950: Pathe News Christmas (2 versions)

January 1951: Red Chinese drive back UN Forces in Korea as President Truman declares State of Emergency and UK PM Clement Atlee visits Truman, General Electric President Charles Wilson appointed US Defense Productin chief, Red China's Gen. Wu blames US for Korean War during UN Speech, Atlantic Pact meeting results in Gen. Eisenhower being chosen its military chief, Protestant council convened, Mt. Aetna erupts, Hawaiian elections, Ice Skate fashions, College football games

February 1951: UN Condemns Red China, Gen. Eisenhower surveys Atlantic Pact defenses, Captured films of Russian aircraft in combat, US Sabre & Panther Jets in action with gun camera footage, 82nd US Congress opens, Liquid air demonstration, Mt. Hood Skiway, Cypress Gardens Raceway in Florida, Getty'sburg Address

March 1951 (Version 1): "War of Maneuver" in Korea, French Premier Pleven visits US, Gen. MacArthur celebrates 71st birthday, Vargas elected President of Brazil, American Red Cross prepares for emergencies, Army demonstrates undewater vehicles, US Navy celebrates 40 years of Naval aviation, Union Connecting Model Railroad in New York City, Chapel of Four Chaplains opens, Track & Field athletes, Australia celebrates 50 years as a unified nation

March 1951 (Version 2): "War of Maneuver" in Korea, French Premier Pleven visits US, Gen. MacArthur celebrates 71st birthday, Vargas elected President of Brazil, American Red Cross prepares for emergencies, Army demonstrates undewater vehicles, US Navy celebrates 40 years of Naval aviation, Union Connecting Model Railroad in New York City, Chapel of Four Chaplains opens, Track & Field athletes, Australia celebrates 50 years as a unified nation

April 1951: French President Auriol visits US, Gen. MacArthur recalled to the US, Chalk River atomic plant, Ringling Bros. Circus visits New York City, Golfer Ben Hogan attacked during tournament, Zoo Aviary, Lebanon PA

February 1952: Eisenhower becomes Republican candidate for President, California blizzard closes Donner Pass, HMS Queen Mary, Churchill visits US, Nuclear Test Films involving U.S troops in the field released, Luigi Livraghi and his raw vegetable figurines, New camera for filming missiles in flight, Hawaii retrospective, the sinking of the "Flying Enterprise" & the actions of her Captain Henrik Carlsen

May 1952: Truman inspects flood damage on Missouri River, Submarine USS Pickerel, Seine River annual tidal wave, French fighting in Vietnam, US Soldiers guard Japan's Hokkaido Island, US Battleship Winsconsin bombards enemy targets in Korea, Roman museum dedicated to bread, Land Lottery winners, Lever Bros. skyscraper, USS Courier broadcasts Voice of America programming behind iron curtain, Operation Longhorn wargames, French hydroelectric power dam project begun, Dutch theater, Japanese theater, Madrid puppet show, Tour of White House

October 1953: Indian soldiers arrive in Korea, President & Mrs. Eisenhower welcome home son John from Korean war duty, Konrad Adenauer's West German political campaign, West German police battle communist agitators, US military nuclear drill in West Germany, German police parade, Attempted assassination of Sultan of Morocco, Rescue of crew of sinking freighter Greenville, Italian postage stamps, infant sculptures, Grand Coulee dam, College Professor's science magic show, Atomic Cannon, Malayan refugees, Theodore Roosevelt retrospective

December 1953: King & Queen of Greece visit US, French fight Viet Minh in Viet Nam, Trieste demonstations against US/UK slowness in leaving occupation zone, Eisenhower addresses Canadian Legislature, VP Nixon visits South Korea, Korean orphan adopted by US Soldier arrives in US, Dionne Quintuplets, High altitude landing set on an Alpine mountaintop, New experiemental aircraft, Famous clocks imitated, Salzburg Austria marionette ballet, US blimp coastal patrol fleet, Australia's Auto Cross race, Eastman House's photography museum

May 1954: Moscow-Peking Express train service begins, East German refugees arrive in West Berlin, Romanian prisoners released to US, Beirut communists riot, Paris communists riot, French battle fiercely at Den Bien Phu, UCLA mock UN assembly, North American ski championships at Mt. Hood, British troop ship afire in Mediterranean, Warehouse fire at Inchon Korea, Korean War relief efforts, 1952 Eniwetok H-Bomb test films declassified, Statue of Liberty retrospective, Air flight retrospective

1955: Atomic operations special report - Operation Teapot atomic tests, 1st Atomic Submarine USS Nautilus launched, 2nd British atomic test held in Australian outback, US Atomic test film retrospective

May 1955: Manhattan Landmarks - The end of the "El" line elevated train (Version 1), the Statue of Liberty

August 1955: Geneva Summit, Coup attempt in Saigon, Morocco riots, Sovereignty for West Germany and Austria, Operation Alert nuclear drill in Washington DC, "Survival Town" atomic test, Newspapers in the classroom, The end of the "El" line elevated train (Version 2), Summer sports highlights, USS Constitution retrospective

September 1956: Suez Canal crisis, French use forest fires as weapon in Algeria, Biblical city of Hazor, South Korean Pres. Rhee re-elected for 3rd term, Trans-Canada road blasted through Rocky Mountains, Australia's peak-scaling commandos, Chinese pen & Ink writing artist Sum, Alps retrospective, "Rockoons" study sun storms, Dart anti-tank missile, Triple in-flight jet refueling, Lilliput Theater, Salt Lake City retrospective

October 1956: Presidential Candidates Eisenhower/Nixon and Stevenson/Kefauver, Australia's Murry River floods, Japan & Okinawa hit by Typhoon Emma, 1906 plane flies again, Roman Colosseum repairs, Scientists probe thickness of earth's crust, Dalles Dam, Vulcan gun, Canadian farmer's home for homeless children, Oil well retrospective, Royal Gorge retrospective, Hamlet's castle

November 1956: Typhoon hits Kyushu, Hurrican hits Louisiana, Mayflower replica built, Army medics in parachute drill, Poznan bread rioters on trial in Poland, Pope celebrates sainthood for Innocent XI, New military vehicles, Fort Ticonderoga retrospective, Mountain climbing retrospective, Sunken ocean liner Andrea Doria

December 1956: Eisenhower re-elected, Israel invades Egypt, Russia invades Hungary, India's Guna River floods, US Army Engineers shore up Mississippi River near Vicksburg, Italian firefighters, Atoms For Peace, Cargo races to Baffin Bay before ice closes in, Passenger plane rescue in Pacific, Sea life retrospective

March 1957: Hungarian refugees, UN Forces take over Suez Canal, Gasoline shortage in Europe, More Pompeii ruins excavated, Painting on pin-heads, The holy crags of Montserrat, Animals at Bronx Zoo, Lehman caverns, New York Public Librarty retrospective

November 1957: UN condemns Russia for Hungary invasion, Chancellor Adenauer re-elected, Carrier landings by mirror, Army expedition to Artic ice cap, Humming bird sanctuary, Crop dusters, Timepiece retrospective, Guided missile retrospective, Erie Canal retrospective

Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC), originally British International Pictures (BIP), was a British film production, distribution and exhibition company active from 1927 until 1970 when it was absorbed into EMI. ABPC also owned approximately 500 cinemas in Britain by 1943, as well as a station on the ITV television network. The studio was partly owned by Warner Bros. from about 1940 until 1969; the American company also owned a stake in ABPC's distribution arm, Warner-Pathé, from 1958. It formed one half of a vertically integrated film industry duopoly in Britain with the Rank Organisation.