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Combat At Sea Documentary Series + Bonus MP4 Video Download DVD Set

Combat At Sea Documentary Series + Bonus MP4 Video Download DVD Set
Combat At Sea Documentary Series + Bonus MP4 Video Download DVD Set
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The Complete, Comprehensive Video Documentary Series On The History Of Naval Warfare Hosted By Monte Markham (Color, 1991, 13 Episodes, 10 Hours Total) PLUS BONUS TITLE: FIREPOWER: DESTROYER! (Color, 1992, 23 Minutes), Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality 7 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! #CombatAtSea #MonteMarkham #Firepower #Destroyers #NavalHistory #NavalWarfare #Navies #NavalForces #MaritimeForces #BrownWaterNavies #BlueWaterNavies #GreenWaterNavies #WorldWarI #WWI #WW1 #WorldWarOne #WorldWar1 #FirstWorldWar #FirstEuropeanWar #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #SecondEuropeanWar #EuropeanCivilWar #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD

*July 18, 2022: Updated WIth FIREPOWER: DESTROYER!



1) Amphibious Assault

2) Battleships


3) Carrier Victory

4) Destroyers


5) Great Carrier Battles

6) Gunboats


7) Marines

8) Naval Aviators


9) Submarines

10) Supercarriers


11) The Admirals: Nimitz Vs Yamamoto

12) WWII Heroes Of The Pacific


13) Rescue

BONUS TITLE: Firepower: Destroyer!

Naval Warfare is human combat in and on the sea, the ocean, or any other battlespace involving a major body of water such as a large lake or wide river. A Navy, Naval Force, or Maritime Force is the branch of a Nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare; namely, lake-borne, riverine, littoral, or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields. The strategic offensive role of a navy is projection of force into areas beyond a country's shores (for example, to protect sea-lanes, deter or confront piracy, ferry troops, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations). The strategic defensive purpose of a navy is to frustrate seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Naval operations can be broadly divided between riverine and littoral applications (brown-water navy), open-ocean applications (blue-water navy), and something in between (green-water navy), although these distinctions are more about strategic scope than tactical or operational division.