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Columbia Revolt: University Protests Of 1968 DVD, Download, USB Drive

Columbia Revolt: University Protests Of 1968 DVD, Download, USB Drive
Columbia Revolt: University Protests Of 1968 DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The 1968 Columbia University Campus Student Uprising Packed Into All Regions DVD!

In April 1968, the Board of Trustees of Columbia University decided to build a gymnasium on land where the Morningside Community Park stood. While members of this low income minority community rose in fierce opposition to the plan, the students of the university likewise organized to prevent the building's construction. On April 23rd, the Students for a Democratic Society lead a demonstration in opposition to the planned construction, the defense establishment connections of the administration and the disciplinary action they had taken against six student activists. What began as a demonstration quickly became an occupation by the students of campus facilities, setting off a chain of events that ultimately resulted in a two month long, violent siege. This 1969 film documents the events as they happened from the perspective of the students, from the early stages of the administration's plans to the unofficial second commencement ceremony attended by most of the students (and much of the faculty) of the class of 1968. (1969, Black & White, 50 Minutes.)

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