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Classic Marital Guidance & Marriage Counseling Films DVD/Download/USB

Classic Marital Guidance & Marriage Counseling Films DVD/Download/USB
Classic Marital Guidance & Marriage Counseling Films DVD/Download/USB
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Marital Advice For Better Or Worse Packed Into Over 2 1/2 Hours Worth Of Eleven Classic Films On 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


Larry & Sue are teenagers that want to get married, but when they visit their minister for some counseling, the truth is spelled out to them - as well as some wacky nonsense!

IS THIS LOVE? (1957, 14:39)
The merits of maintaining a long courtship before marriage is here dramatized in the comparison between two sets of couples - one rushes into marriage, the other approaches it more carefully.

IT TAKES ALL KINDS (1950, 19:03)
The right mate means the right personality traits is the message of this film, and it endeavors to show how to go about assessing such traits and how to prevent attempts to change their partner.

JEALOUSY (1954, 15:39)
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Sally's anger over the imagined indiscretions of her husband is no different. But imaginings aren't reality, as Sally learns to appreciate in the course of this film.

This marriage has its first year in review and features all the issues encountered and experience gained in the course of the venture.

MARRIAGE TODAY (1950, 23:28)
Two young couples exemplify the common values and common goals requisite to a successful marriage partnership.

This is the story of how Bill & Mary met, fell in love & got married. It is also a story about human development from infancy to adulthood, and all the socio-sexual rites of passage it involves in detail, including parties, crushes, dating, petting & more.

Another installment of the "Marriage for Moderns" series, this time focusing in on a nice couple who should never have married, Ken the intellectual free spirit and Winnie the good-natured domesticate. Produced to deal with very specific marital problems of the day which still resonate with the same real life marital problems of today.

WHO'S BOSS? (1950, 15:38)
Also from "Marriage for Moderns", here dealing with the balance of power within a marriage, which the films asserts is best accomplished by power-sharing by loving and understanding partners determined to work things out.

WHO'S RIGHT? (1954, 17:44)
An analysis of how the chronic arguing of young couples is itself the cause of unhappiness and how the mature love of mutual understanding is not allowed to develop under such conditions.

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